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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year

No excuses! : )


Run Shiny, Run!

I've been in touch with my running coach and am looking forward to start running again in the new year. Greta is so lovely - that even a complete non-runner such as myself feels more than comfortable signing up for sessions with her!

In 2009 I'm looking for a race to sign up for (5k) and I am looking forward to making my appearance at the City to Surf - my first appearance. I mean, as a Sydney-sider, I have to do this, right? (About time, I hear you!)

So the beloved Couch to 5k training program has been pulled out (another link here), and so have the joggers. It has been a pretty intense last couple of months for me... hmmm, yes I'd even say life changing. Health concerns and mental issues are all under control (well at least I can see where I'm heading now) which is really nice. Yes - really nice! Anyone who has read of my battles with depression and such knows that 'nice' is indeed pretty damn fine!

I've been off the alcohol for a couple of months which I'm sure is the biggest factor in all of this, but it's all the 'one percenters as well' - I've had so much acupuncture in the last few months. I've had a stack of neurofeedback. I've had massages and reiki.

And I'm feeling that there is hope. Yeh!

So c25k training starts this week and I'm looking forward to it : )
Anyone else had any joy with that particular program?

x shiny

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


[I bought myself a little chrissy present this year - the gorgeous pendant above]

+ I have a wonderful home with a great backyard
+ Early morning watering of the garden in the sunshine
+ Wonderful new friends who are just a phone call away
+ Making headway on my $$ in 2008 so christmas wasn't too much of a stress this year!
+ Quiet days in the office (which make cleaning easy!)
+ Sunshine
+ Abby
+ Books, books, books and more books!
+ Baking pink cupcakes

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One week - 14 meals - just $50 = POSSIBLE!

Yep - it is! There was a great feature in the Good Living liftout of the Sydney Morning Herald a few weeks ago and I just came across it again, and thought it worth a posting.

A new year means new budgets and new inspiration so here's to home cooked meals and getting frugal! Being frugal is the new black, didn't you know? ;)

(* Click on the images to make them bigger)

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2009 Debt Diet

My financial goals for 2008 were to pay off my Mastercard Credit Card, and have $1000 in savings in the bank. Points – 0.

Hmmm didn’t exactly achieve those goals but in an odd twist of events I’ve actually paid heaps off my personal loan – probably the same amount that I would have paid on the credit card, so I’m still very happy.

2008 Update:
Personal Loan: 4949 (now 999.87)
Credit Card: 3250 (now 2900)
Mum: 4000 (as is)
Car Share: 1000 (paid off!!)
Amex CC: 1000
Savings: 100

Actually, it all looks pretty sad when you look at it like that.. I've only managed to pay off $5000 or so. But hey, it's better than creating more debt so I'll take it! The year also involved moving house (always an expensive task) and the usual mayhem of trying to create a budget, but I suppose this is the first time I've really laid it out for all to see (including myself, in black and white) so it's a starting point!

Here are my Financial Goals for 2009:
Personal Loan: to be paid off (starting at 999.87)
Credit Card: to be paid off (starting at 2900)
Mum: to be down to 2000 (starting at 4000)
Amex CC: to be paid off (starting at 1000)
Savings: to have 2000 in my account (starting at 100)

That means putting $1000 a month towards debt/savings - which is definitely do-able. Here we go!

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Friday, December 12, 2008

You don't need $$$ to have FUN

Ohhh look at this magical site I came across! And just in time for the holidays around this expensive, present buying time of the year : )

Go on, check it out : )

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


+ great sparkly lights and the idea of christmas (above photo credit: dooce)
+ cute tea tins
+ yoga studios being open over the christmas holiday period
+ holidays only a hop, skip and jump away
+ the idea of baking
+ friends who really know me, and like me just as I am
- my head
- my analytical, constantly analysing head
- my tired and sleepy head that has to be in meetings at work today
- having a crappy little oven that doesn't fit a normal size baking tray


Sunday, December 07, 2008


Oh dear, it's been a wee while since my last post... I have been snapping away and creating photos with the intention of writing posts and putting them up here... but haven't gotten that far. Instead, I've celebrated my 31st birthday in a most gorgeous week of celebrations, food, and friends.

Instead, I've been crazy busy at work but really am enjoying the frenetic pace of it all.

Instead, I've been teaching lots of yoga classes (including a 2.5 hours yoga workshop, with 60 participants!). That involved many late nights sewing up little eye pillows with lavendar and flax, and lots of fun, chocolate, stretching, tears, laughter, om'ming, sleeping and divine exploration of the self during the class.

Instead, I've started teaching free community yoga classes at Lululemon in the city.

Instead, I've had the first round of christmas parties to attend, and baby showers to touch base at, and breakfasts with friends to catch up in.

Instead, I've come home late when my flatmate is in bed as I've been working/playing/meeting. And then I've gotten up early in the morning while she is in bed, to work/play and meet some more.

Instead, I've been reading lots of gorgeous inspiring books, including Running to the Mountain, and Wisdom. I've been listening to wonderful sounds such as Pearl and the Puppets, Dido and Subway Bhaktis.

Instead, I've been writing up chrissy lists, doing chrissy shopping, and creating recipe lists for homemade goodies. I've also hung baubles up on christmas trees, but not just any kind of bauble. It's a wish bauble - where I've written my goals for 2009 on the bauble.

I've also thought about starting running again.

And inbetween all of this, I have tried to meditate. I've written daily gratitude lists. And I've tried to grab some ME time.

I'm doing ok - and I hope you are too : )
Much love x