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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


new job
credit card a wee wee wee bit down
ultimate excitement about being an aunty

the end...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Night Musings

I have cleaned cleaned cleaned my house in anticipation of my house inspection this week. It looks so lovely. Oh, and I also cleaned my verandah for the first time since winter, and am looking forward to having dinner parties outside when it warms up!

I start my new job on Tuesday week. Pros - a car! Better pay! Music! Cons - longer working hours. Think that's it so far, very exciting.

I've been spending lots of time reading personal finance blogs this weekend. One of the key things about my new job is that it will help me get a handle on my debt and my finances. I am nearly 30 after all, you think I'd have it sorted by now.

I must own about 5 tubes of Lucas' PawPaw ointment, but why can I never find them when I need them? My lips are very dry lately.

I am craving fruit, in particular - apples. Oh, and when I was reading one of the PF blogs, they were talking about 'brown bagging' - aka, taking yr lunch to work. It reminded me of when I was in primary school and I'd take sandwiches to school with lettuce (iceberg) and cheese. Now I have a craving for one of them!

Till next time, x


Sunday, September 09, 2007


When did it become ok for me to let my house become so darn messy? I have papers strewn here, there and everywhere. I have clothes piled onto the lounge. The unmade bed is looking at me and it’s gotten to the stage where I have to create a pathway to get from one side of my house to the other.
Ok, so I live in a studio (ie. a room!) so it’s not like I can shut the door on the mess and have one clean room etc. But this is a joke. Living alone has its benefits – you can be as neat/anal or as messy/crazy as you want to, but it’s time for even me to have the spring clean happen. And gee, must say I’ve been inspired in part by Yublocka who is going hell for leather on this task!!

Other things on the radar – cooking! I have been pulling out some of my delish cookbooks and finding new yummy treats to make and create. You know when Spring arrives, warm weather beckons and salads are the order of the day? Well, that’s me. I also went on a full on detox for the first couple of weeks of August and was amazed at how great I felt, so I’m looking forward to doing a lot more of that. I am loving this book - so stay tuned for reviews of my culinary expertise ;)
I’ve also gotten a new job, with a new car (yay!) so anything new is a good time to set up some new habits. I’m all for fresh starts and habits in case you’d not picked that up ; ) The new car means I’ll be able to do big grocery shops at the farmers markets and also enjoy picnics, sunshine and road trips without the hassle of public transport. I’m excited : )

Hope yr all well! Oh - and a massive THANK YOU for all of you who have donated to my Yoga Aid Challenge. I'm trying to raise $250 for Barnardos by doing 108 Sun Salutes this October, and I'm happy to say I've only got just over $80 left to make. Care to donate a dollar or 2? Then click on the link and I am sending smiles your way : )


PS - for those who were asking what a Sun Salute is, check out and read all about it! x

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