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Monday, August 18, 2008

Shiny's Big Bad Debt Tally Version 2.0

A while back I took a long hard look at where my finances were - but since then I've paid down some of it, added some more, moved house, done this & that. So here's a new version of the Big Bad Debt Tally, V.2 (as at 18 August, 2008)

This time I'm also putting the Dave Ramsey plan into action!

Amex CC: 1000
Mastercard CC: 2900 (started @ 2958.34)
Personal Loan: 999 (started @ 2576.32)
Mum: 4000 (started @ 4800)

Current: $527.55
Goal 1: $500 achieved 18 Dec 09
Goal 2: $1000
Goal 3: $5000

Financial Goals
1) put all my yoga income towards DEBT
2) to have $1000 in savings
3) pay off the personal loan by March 2009
4) travel overseas in 2009

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