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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Debt Advice Welcome!

As many of you will know (or have realised by now), I have a BIG addiction.. BOOKS! I cannot walk into a bookstore without buying one. It is my dream to own a house and have one room just dedicated to all my books!!

And there are many worse addictions.. I know. But to get to the "own the house" part, I need to curb the spending on books part.

And right now, I have many books that I could (should?) well sell/give away/exchange in order to create some flow.

SO - 2nd hand book stores are the obvious choice. But last time I went to one I gave them nearly a whole bag full of books and got $20 bucks. Blah. (And I'm lazy - just being honest!)

Ebay would be ok - but my prior experience is that books don't really sell well on there (that was a couple of years ago tho).

And the last option I know of is to just give them all to St Vinnies (we're talking about 6 big bags of books, here!) and let others in need purchase nearly new books for nix. Karma.

So friends - what would you do? I seriously have LOTS of books to get moving, and many of them are 99% new (read once after being bought brand new!).

Thoughts and suggestions very very welcome : ) xx

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At 7:32 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

If they are reasonably mainstream books, book a stall at your nearest market! They only charge about $20 for a stall, and most places I see charge good money for the books they sell & make a good profit.

The guy I regularly see at my market has some of the latest novels for about $12. Much better than what the 2nd hand store would give him.


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