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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Holidays are here!

It was not just another Saturday..... no, it was the beginning of my holidays. So a jaunt was in order!

I woke up before my alarm went off so just lazed in bed reading books, then got up and had some yummy organic strawberry jam on toast. Then we had a little visitor - Baby D came over and we had a ball just doing, um, baby stuff. Watching him, laughing at him, trying to feed him.. Babies rock : )

Next I headed into Newtown to go to the post office, and as I was over that way I dropped by the Glebe Markets. I wandered around the stalls (bought 2 awesome 2nd hand books), just taking in the colours and smells and sights, and then plonked down in the park to enjoy my feast whilst a guitarist was playing and kids were running about.

My feast? There's a regular stall there with the BEST EVA beanie nachos (you can get them on brown rice or corn chips) - it's been there for years and it's just so fresh and yummy. I just head to Glebe and get a craving for them so today it was all about the beanies : )

I then came home to devour my new books - Simple Abundance, and the Celestine Prophecy, both of which I'd been looking on amazon for! - and had a nap. I love afternoon naps!

Pottered about, had some fabulous gluten free patties on a bed of rocket with shaved parmesan and tahini for dinner, and then had an early night. Woke up to a gorgeous sunny Sunday and decided more food was in order!

Yummy scrambled eggs with fetta a fresh parsley, with jasmine & green tea

I started doing the exercises in Living Out Loud whilst sitting in the backyard, and that all got me thinking about what I want to do these holidays. Then it was time to go and see my friend's new little bubba - so so teeny tiny! Can I tell you how excited I am to have these bubs in my life??

Monday - BED DAY! You heard right, all day, in bed, books and magazines. Is this gold? Yes indeed!

The holidays are off to a good start : )

PS - isn't waking up without an alarm clock the best thing?!!

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