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Monday, June 09, 2008

Food, glorious food!

My new housemate follows a gluten free diet, and it's interesting. I followed a gluten/wheat/dairy/sugar/red meat free diet for 3 months a couple of years ago for depression and it was amazing. I felt so full of beans and energy and my skin was so clear, it was phenomenal... and very hard to follow hah!

But it's not a 'choice' for my housemate, she medically has to follow this diet - her body don't like gluten!!!!

And while I follow a very heavy vegetarian based diet (with some fish thrown in) and love my lentils, brown rice and vegies, and feel that I eat quite well, well... looking seriously at ingredients in diets is fabulous.

I recently found Green Bean Dreams and it has made me really explore diet and sustainable living. This book has also excited my interest in food. And this blog.
Now.. I'm off, and I'm hungry ;)
Till next time.. x

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