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Friday, May 23, 2008

Good things can come from a GOOD WINTER

(i adore keri smith)

It’s funny – I used to wear glasses years ago and then after a while my eyes were ok without them. But as I’ve been doing more and more computer work, they’re starting to feel a bit tired and sore. And when they’re tired and sore, it’s a pretty good reflection of how my heart and soul are feeling…. 'cause lately, times have been a bit tough.

My work is something I love love love, but I suppose.. like any profession (and any path you take in life) you can be surrounded by those who you don’t love love love. And indeed, those people are the ones who could perhaps do with some lovin’ cause they certainly don’t seem to share much around! ;)

So I’ve been scouring the net for some new tunes to chill me out and I came across the most gorgeous BON IVER. Seriously, how wonderful is this song (The Wolves, Act I & II)? And best yet, it makes my heart not so sore… don’t you love music’s ability to do that?

I hope you are all doing well xx

ps - this also makes my heart ...hmm... perhaps not soar, but definitely SHINE! ;)

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