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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well the move is done, I'm here! I still have a couple of random boxes to unpack (one which contains my laptop!) but mostly I'm settled into my gorgeous new home. I moved a few suburbs out and couldn't be happier.

I am loving living in a house now (as opposed to a studio!) and my flatmate is just fantastic. Oh, and we have a bath! For those of you with baths in your homes, this might not be as exciting as it is for me.. but having lived in little studios where you can barely turn around in your own shower, a bath is certainly a luxurious treat!

I have a persistent cold that I've had for a good 3 weeks now that I know is just a symptom of being run down and in between seasons, so thank goodness I have central heating in the new home to stay rugged up and cosy in : ) And a tough but satisfying decision I've come to is that I've given up permanant teaching on weekends. Covers here and there are fine, but with my M-F day being so hectic, I realised (well, my body did first, then all my friends told me, then I finally listened) that being run down is no way to live. So this weekend is my first of total slobbing about the house, going to bed at 9pm and loving every moment of it!

Art of Yoga is around the corner from my house so I got up to a yoga class today (focussing on Dharana and knees) and it was gorgeous! Beautiful stretch to start the day. And last night I spent a bit of time looking up some recipes to start cooking in my new kitchen as I've become very happily all homely! So these vegan stuffed capsicums and this yummy sounding butternut pumpkin risotto with greens are both on the menu this week.

I have some lovely pics of my backyard (again - see the bath story above. I have, for the first time in a long time, a backyard!) and my new red corduroy skirt to post up soon (what better way to chase away the winter blues than with a splash of red?!)... but first my email needs to deliver them. I think it is also hibernating.

So stay tuned and keep warm and enjoy a cute piece on how to be a woman. It'll bring a smile to your face, I promise.

Till next time,


PS - Perhaps it's because I feel like I'm living in the movie 'Mean Girls' every time I am at work. Perhaps it's because people just aren't as polite as they could be in traffic, at the shops, or on the street. Perhaps it's because I'm a little run down and hence a bit more emotional of late (hehe), but whatever the reason, I really felt the following few words I received in an email from one of my yoga students just really touched me. I hope you enjoy them too:

Watch your thoughts, they become words.>> Watch your words, they become actions.>> Watch your actions, they become habits.>> Watch your habits, they become character.>> Watch your character, for it becomes...your destiny.>>>> 'Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle'. x

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At 11:12 PM, Blogger Darlene said...


Let me be the first blogger to say, "Welcome Home :D"

If we were neighbor's, I'd be sending you a welcome basket with...perhalps...BuBBle Bath! hee

enjoy sweet girl,
xoxo darlene


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