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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Progress, not Perfection

Well the good news - I got $450 back from Medicare recently (yep, had a whole bunch of Dr and psychologist visits to claim), woohoo! And I had it all planned out and budgeted for this upcoming month. Then D'OH! I actually gave them the wrong account info to put the $$ into and instead of having it in my open (& accessible) account, I gave them the info to put it onto my loan repayments account.

This is actually all good in hindsight – my loan repayment is now under $4000, for the first time in about 5 years – woohoo!!! And I will be on an ultra-tight budget for the rest of the month but that is not a bad thing. I'm really really inspired to keep my debt going DOWN!

Speaking of all things money, have you heard about the movie MAXED OUT, the James Scurlock doco? I've not seen it yet although have wanted to for a while, and good news: a few sites have uploaded the flick including Single Ma right here. Check it out!

Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and Predatory Lenders
When Hurricane Katrina ravaged America's Gulf Coast, it laid bare an uncomfortable reality-America is not only far from the world's wealthiest nation; it is crumbling beneath a staggering burden of individual and government debt. Maxed Out takes us on a journey deep inside the American debt-style, where everything seems okay as long as the minimum monthly payment arrives on time. Sure, most of us may have that sinking feeling that something isn't quite right, but we're told not to worry. After all, there's always more credit! Maxed Out shows how the modern financial industry really works, explains the true definition of "preferred customer" and tells us why the poor are getting poorer and the rich getting richer. By turns hilarious and profoundly disturbing, Maxed Out paints a picture of a national nightmare which is all too real for most of us.

In other news, hobbies are taking off : ) I have kept up with Sunday Scribblings, I'm looking forward to going to a Stretch Class at SDC this coming weekend, and also kicking up the ante of my photography challenge.

Stay tuned - and happy Easter, friends. x

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At 9:48 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

That's good news about your debt being reduced, even if you didn't intend it to be!
It scares me how easily credit can be obtained. I'm ever mindful of where I'm at financially, which is both good and bad (because I worry about it excessively when I am in debt:S)


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