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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Online love

We are truly blessed with the internet.

Sure there are good things and bad things about living in a crazy technological age, but the best thing is that we get to make so many more friends. I have a loooong list of blogs that I check out each day - some I lurk on, some I am active on - and the good thing about having wonderful,creative and inspiring friends? I can copy them.

Isn't trying to emulate the good habits of others a darn good compliment? As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.. or some such. So here we go. I'm still feeling a bit blue, so I'm going to try emulate these shiny peeps...

Cook like Dreena - yum yum yum, I really can't wait to whip up this Sweet Curry Chickpea bake. Dreena - no kidding - makes cooking fun! I tell you, cheesey as that sounds, I always want to run into the kitchen after I read one of her posts and eat vegies.

Live like YogaMum - she is the fab creator of WoYoPracMo and is never fails to inspire me. There's always a poem, a recipe or something or other going on over there. I have enough trouble taking care of myself, let alone others. YogaMum seems to do it in a beautiful way.

Create like Keri Smith - honestly, I often wonder where peope find the TIME to do things. I am so busy and hectic doing things that I can't possibly pull out 5 mins to write or draw and create... and between you and me, I think that is where my spirit is crashing. What is life if without colour and texture and sparkles? Omg you have to go over and check out Wish Jar as it's overflowing with ideas... I'm getting started on them NOW.

There are so many more that I need to take inspiration from but for today, this will do. I need to get hot with the hobbies, see my friends, do my yoga and nourish my spirit.

I'll give you an update in 7 days on my progress. x

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At 5:32 AM, Blogger Yogamum said...

Oh, how sweet of you!! I try my best to keep life interesting and fun...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

I will have to check out those other sites, they all sound wonderful!

Happy Monday to you!


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