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Saturday, January 26, 2008

31 things to do before I turn 31

1. go to a dance class here
2. go for a bike ride in centennial park
3. have $1000 in savings
4. pay off my credit card
5. have a private yoga lesson
6. have a kiss DONE
7. cook a new dish
8. join the food co-op
9. volunteer
10. meet M
11. watch a local theatre production DONE
12. take more photos
13. go on a date
14. watch 3 classic movies
15. read a classic novel
16. participate in woyopracmo DONE
17. go on a yoga retreat
18. go to the farmers markets
19. travel interstate DONE
20. go to a kickboxing class or women's self defence class
21. go swingdancing
22. go to the movies at least 6 times
23. buy at least 4 new bras & nickers
24. do a chanting class
25. go to a meditation class
26. go on a yoga retreat
27. teach a yoga workshop
28. live with more creativity (do the artists way?)
29. run a 5k

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