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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Change of Scenery

OMG what a trip away can do!

I’ve spent the last few days at my sis’s house down the coast and I’m so happy. I’ve slept, I’ve nearly knocked over my flu, and feel so relaxed. And the best part? I’ve still got another week of hols! Hoorah!

So feeling good now – have been eating healthy, drinking less, and *gasp* exercising! I’ve done 2 yoga classes (as a student) the last week, and went for an hr walk along the beach down the coast, plus a 40 min walk at home near the park. Nice!

Ohh and my chrissy pressie to myself?

I got a Nike+ipod running thing - it's like a little attachment you plug into your ipod nana and it records how long you run for, how many km's you do, how many calories you work off.... and better yet, you plug it into iTunes and it takes you to this site where it records it all so you can look back over your walks. And the thing I love? You can create challenges with other members on there and personal challenges too.

I love it!

In other news, come January 1 I'm taking part in a shopping sabbatical with my good friend. It's just about returning to a simple life - no excess, no commercialism, creating new and healthy habits, and using what I have in the cupboard! Be it from boredom, living alone, depression, laziness or the simple problem of not being able to decide, I have become the takeaway queen. I buy food all the time which is not only unhealthy, but exxy. I want to really make a dent in my $ situation this year, and have some strong savings behind me. With my new job - this is more than do-able, so here goes it! Also, I'm 30 now - and my body is feeling it! I want to have energy and be happy and healthy, and that ain't too much to ask!

Gotta love goals that have numerous benefits!

That's it for now... Hope you all had a good Chrissy and things are looking shiny for the new year : )


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