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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Night Musings

I have cleaned cleaned cleaned my house in anticipation of my house inspection this week. It looks so lovely. Oh, and I also cleaned my verandah for the first time since winter, and am looking forward to having dinner parties outside when it warms up!

I start my new job on Tuesday week. Pros - a car! Better pay! Music! Cons - longer working hours. Think that's it so far, very exciting.

I've been spending lots of time reading personal finance blogs this weekend. One of the key things about my new job is that it will help me get a handle on my debt and my finances. I am nearly 30 after all, you think I'd have it sorted by now.

I must own about 5 tubes of Lucas' PawPaw ointment, but why can I never find them when I need them? My lips are very dry lately.

I am craving fruit, in particular - apples. Oh, and when I was reading one of the PF blogs, they were talking about 'brown bagging' - aka, taking yr lunch to work. It reminded me of when I was in primary school and I'd take sandwiches to school with lettuce (iceberg) and cheese. Now I have a craving for one of them!

Till next time, x



At 10:11 AM, Blogger rand(om) bites said...

I used to have lettuce and cheese sandwiches too! But one time, my mother accidentally gave me cabbage and cheese instead. She says it was an *accident* LOL.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger M said...

Good luck with inspection. Mine is on Thursday so I shall be taking a day off this week to deal with everything whilst I don't have 'helpers' to help me LOL.

And whoot with the new job. I think brown bagging is a great idea. I have ordered myself (from Avon of course) this neat stacking lunch box system where I will be able to put a mixed salad in the bottom and nibbles like cut up veges, fruit, dip etc in the top without it all mixing and getting all mushy. As soon as that arrives (tonight hopefully) I will be back to packing my own lunch.

Hope you have a great day Shiny :)


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