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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So I’ve hit the 3 month mark… the new job is not so new anymore, and all of a sudden, everything has just clicked. I’ve always loved the job – from the very first day – but it’s just one of those things where it’s become comfy (and that’s a great thing!). Any new company has different ways to do things, so it’s just about having to concentrate! But come 3 months.. I am finding it 2nd nature now. Yippee!

And best yet, things are starting to get shiny all round – the job, the life.. After making the decision to give up teaching a few of my yoga classes, I’ve really started to feel a bit calmer. I’ve booked in to begin an intermediate yoga course as a student (9 weeks) with Synergy starting in June and I’m so excited. I’ve also commenced regular lunchtime classes in Surry Hills, and with pay day coming tomorrow, I am stoked to be able to buy a multi pass to Ashtanga Yoga Space down the road from work. While not my first choice of yoga, I just LOVE the energy and challenge of ashtanga – so stay tuned for lots of updates and inspiration coming from the mat soon.

Tomorrow I’m over the moon to be seeing Belles Will Ring and some other local bands playing at the preview screening of ‘The U.S vs John Lennon’ at the Chauvel, followed by a birthday partay.. so catch you on the weekend : )

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At 10:00 PM, Blogger your bloody valentine said...

ooh, you're a Belles fan too? I love, love , love them! I bought the album before heading over to Japan and have listened to it loads.

Glad to hear your life is shiny, shiny!


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