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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yum for new digs

There's a new cute red & white Pastizzi Cafe that's opened up on King Street, Newtown, that I walk past each day. I've seen the 'coming soon' signs for the past coupla weeks, the outside tile work go up, the doors always locked shut and papered up... but hoorah! Just as I jumped off the bus wondering what I was going to have for dinner (thai or mexican?) - I saw it was open!

Peeked inside and was looking at the menu.. pastas and Pastizzi - for which they're famous for - and the friendly owner came up to me, welcoming me to Pastizzi on their first night of business!

We had a great chat - he is the prior owner of the Maltese Cafe on Crown St (Surry Hills) and these are his new digs. I waited a few minutes because the spinach & ricotta pastizzi's were literally coming out of the over (boy, I could smell them!) so we yacked a bit more... he highly recommends the vegie curry pastizzi as I said I was vego, and then the lovely one gave me 3 (instead of the 2 I asked for) fresh and hot spinach & ricotta pastizzis.. YUM!
He also wouldn't let me leave without taking along a cherry cheese and then an apple pastizzi from the 'sweet' menu... I'm SO going back!!

Hope yr night is just as delicious : )



At 6:18 AM, Blogger ombites (mary) said...

I was hoping it was the dude from Surry Hills! When I loved in Surry Hills in the 90s, we'd live at the Maltese Cafe because they were the cheapest things for poor art school students LOL. Yum :-)

At 10:47 AM, Blogger yublocka said...

Yum!!!! I so have to go for a wander!!!!


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