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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Turn, Turn, Turn

Well the seasons are changing and today it really is moving from summer into winter... it's been raining here in Sydney for the last few days quite consistently, I've pulled out my scarf and the boots are making a regular daily fashion statement, as is the flat cat umbrella. But that didn't stop me from starting off this public holiday with a big flyer drop around Chippendale this morning. Rain or no rain, it had to be done.

So I jumped on the bus, and walked along the streets dropping off flyers into letterboxes, and hopefully I'll see some numbers build in my Sunday classes at Queen St. I need to really build them as I can see this place working 100%, it is just a slow process. Got to keep the spirits up!

Now I'm jotting down some thoughts and a yoga update (below) whilst waiting for my friend D to call me. We're catching up to talk more yoga, and plan a workshop together. Woohoo! It's yoga go at the moment!

In more yoga news, I finally made it to Yoga Sanga yesterday for a lunch time class. Did I enjoy it? For the first 1/2 hour I have no problems telling you that all I could think of was, I'm not coming back! You see, there are so many different styles of yoga, but I'd been told from numerous peeps that the style I teach is very similar to that of YS, so I was expecting quite a dynamic, fluid class. This, dear friends, was anything but that. It was S-L-O-W.

But by the end, I was smiling. And I bought a multi-class pass. Yep, this little yogi is going back. Why the change? Well, you see, they say change is as good as a holiday. Coming into the cooler weather it's a time for a more yin practice, but also, this class just gave me time to think - time to really see my body in poses (and feel my hips creak!), time to really sink down and feel the effects that this different practice had on me.

I'm a dynamic yogi, through and through, and while this class wasn't physically challenging, it definitely was a mental effort. And to be sure, I think I need some help when it comes to that side of things. So I look forward to making this a regular practice.

Till then kittens,

ps - this sunday I start my anatomy and physiology training, part one. can you tell I'm on a yoga high? yay!

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