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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cook once, eat all week

Isn't that a great plan? I need to start eating better, and I think a big part of why I don't is disorganisation. I have a pretty busy schedule, like most folks, so I think to plan in advance is the key here. I'm sure of it.

So I'm going to have a weekend of doing some shopping and prepping. We don't have much bench space at my work so I need to bring prepared meals, so I reckon even container-ing up meals for each day to just grab and go will be happening.

Does anyone else do this? Tips? Advice?

Some meals that are going to be prepared:
Bean & tuna salad
Chickpeas are Go!
Couscous & Roasted Vegetables
Grilled field mushrooms with fresh corn salsa
Spicy lentil patties (with chickpeas)
Sweet potato + bean burger

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At 9:35 PM, Blogger Health Bites said...

Now that's a serious cooking plan! Have fun :-)


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