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Friday, March 16, 2007

Moving on... A good step

Today I caught up with a beautiful friend – completely randomly, at the bus stop in fact! I’d not seen her for about a year and a half…. We just started moving in different circles, started new jobs etc…

And in that time, she has lived in Melbourne for a year with an amazing job, she lived in China for about 4 months with the same job, and then had a holiday for a few weeks in New York and London.. and she is just radiant. We had a big chat about old friends – new friends – moving on – finding yourself, and right now I’m very happy.

Usually I’m one to see people coming home from amazing life changing journeys, and I feel terrible because I’m still sitting here, nothing new, just moving along the same old path. But since we had seen each other, I’ve changed careers and have stopped going out like I used to, I’ve found things that make me smile and I’ve followed that path.

You know, nothing beats traveling to come into yourself. But me, I’m happy that I’ve also had a few life changing experiences over the last few months/years.

And I like where I am right now.
Confidence, fleeting as it may be, is a great thing, very attractive, and very comforting.

Happy weekend all. X

Ps – finally cooked a yummy homecooked tomato and pasta stew dish, DELISH! Bring on home cooking, healthful food and filling meals : )



At 9:07 AM, Blogger lg said...

Moments like that are gold xxx


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