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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Run Cocky, Run!

Now, if you live in a block of units, you may well be versed in the idea of some room-mates... ie. cockroaches. Ugh. That said, I've lived in plenty of units and studios and have never had a cocky problem as bad as I do now...

I've bombed, I clean, I scrub, I bomb again, I spray the sprays... and still, they come. That is, until I went to the health food store in Glebe a couple of weekends ago and was recommended Lo-Line cockroach baits from the girl in there. I was getting a bit worried about all the toxins I was spraying around (with the bombs - ie. leave the house for 3 hours minimum while it's going off!) and the rate at which I was going through the cockroach spray. So I thought I'd try out something natural.

And voilaa - I'm in love with these things!

Normally, I'm not the kind of person to rave on about pest control, but geez, these things are GREAT. And best yet, they don't kill me in the process :)

You literally peel off a sticky layer, put a tab in the middle of it that attracts the cockies, and when they go to get it.. they get stuck. So you see them stuck there.. not the most pleasant thing to look at - but instead of spraying stuff around and then the cockies come back, these things KEEP HOLD OF THE DAMN BUGS.

Just had to share it - if you've any bug probs, give it a go! ;)



At 12:05 PM, Blogger swirlyange said...

As weird as it is to say - thank you for recommending these! We've been having the same darn problem lately and it's just icky.....and i really worry about the effect on us and the kitties of using all those yucky chemicals. I'm definately going to give them a try!

At 2:00 PM, Blogger Picasso's Muse said...

Thank goodness that my cockroach problems are over for a little while. This sounds like a great solution though. Haven't heard anyone call them cockies since...I lived in Australia! Funny that...


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