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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stop nickle & diming

It makes sense, and it's something I fall prey to constantly... I can't afford a big purchase like a new top or fabbo bag.. and heck, I have debt to pay, you know... so instead, I'll purchase a constant stream of knick-knacks.. a mag here, a juice there, a hair clip here (hey, it's only $10!!).. you get the idea.

SO this post I came across today is FAB. Do you find yourself doing this??

How to stop nickle & diming yourself into the poorhouse:
1. Get real with yourself - needs vs. wants
2. Identify where you’re nickel and diming yourself - write it down!
3. Once you realize you’ve got a “problem,” promise yourself you’re not going to make the same mistake twice.
4. Stay “real” and hold yourself accountable.

So, in all honesty, where I am doing this?
* coffees, juices, drinks... too much! We have a coffee machine at work, and a filtered water dispenser. This is my new best friend. This week, it's all about cutting back aggressively on purchasing drinks. Plus, I have a million water bottles so I'll just keep filling them up!

* magazines... yep, I love the trash. But i can read the trash online, and anyway, Perez Hilton spills the beans way before the mags do. Just need to make sure I carry books with me on the bus!

* takeaway... enough said. I live on the stuff. This week, agressively STOP buying snacks, bring lunches to work, eat dinner at home.

Update forthcoming. And personal stories welcome!

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At 9:19 PM, Blogger lg said...

I'm with you all the way W - get ready for a cheap cheap cheap night on sat


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