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Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Years Goals... plodding along!

Well, we’re halfway into the first month of a new year and it’s about this time when one might start wavering on those new years resolutions! But me, I’m going ok. I have ten top ‘goals’ that I wanted to achieve over the course of this year and things are looking up to speed on a good few of them.

I’m thinking about my overseas trip, have got my writing course coming up in just a couple of weeks, filed my first freelance article with a national glossy mag, and am really looking at my debt tally. The debt repayment plan is going along swimmingly. Slow and steady wins the race…. But with this coming week’s pay I should be smiling.

I’ve also started seeing a new psychologist who is just amazing. Have had 3 sessions with her so far and have taken just so much away from each and every one of them. She knows I love reading so hasn’t been shy in suggesting heaps of books for me to read – I’ve just been absolutely devouring them and can’t wait to go to the library to get some more. I won’t share the title of them here… don’t wanna spread my worries to the world, but also cause they are books I never thought I’d read.

However, once you look past the titles, I swear to god these books were written with me in mind. Seriously.

So that’s all smiley.

Plans for my new yoga class are rocking and I’m so happy to buy stuff like stationery, organise business cards etc. It’s fun and inspiring, new stuff. And I’m doing a Simon Low workshop early February with a gorgeous pal that I did my teacher training with so it’ll really be a blowout to practice together again! I’m so looking forward to it. Simon is from the UK and teaches a stunning style of yoga called YIN YOGA.

This is my time (come Feb) of making yoga a priority in my life again, so improving my personal practice. It’s funny, I was reading through some old mags last night as I was tidying up and there was an article about some ppl who turned their life around due to really down circumstances. In a couple of days it is one month since my hospital stay and I really don’t want that to happen again. So I am taking this as my depressing circumstance and it’s time now to turn my life around… in some ways. So here goes.

Take care and more updates soon xxx

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At 2:21 PM, Blogger Mary said...

A big cheers to you hon and turning your life around! You can do this babe and it sounds like you're in a good head space now too. I LOVE reading too :-)

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Zanna said...

Hi Shiny Ruby, are you the Shiny Ruby who's sister is Little Grover. I used to read her blog lots and we used to comment to each other, then I had a bit of a sabbatical and when I came back the link to her blog ddn't work anymore. Is she OK?

At 9:51 PM, Blogger chunky toast said...

hey shiny, just thinking of you and your big night and Big Day out tomorrow. hope you get some rest tonight and i'll try to find you tomorrow. i hope you won't be trapped in the SILENT DISCO.


At 1:05 PM, Blogger M said...

I am bummed I missed you at Mary's on Saturday so I had a little catch up here. It's not quite the same but now I have had my little Shiny fix so I am happy :)

Have a great time at BDO and I hope your 2007 plans keep rocking away..


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