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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Busy little chook

Geez things have been just completely on-the-go lately. I've been working hard, eating bad (oops) and scraping together some me time - but all is good and I have had a couple of days to just sleep... so needed!

And in that time of sleep and crazy work, I've also been SO EXCITED (caps worthy!) because I've locked in a date for a Yoga Workshop I'm running (check out the info!) and also have locked in a dream of mine.. I'm starting up a regular yoga class of my own come March. I have taught yoga for over a year now, but always for someone else (a gym or studio etc). So I'm taking a leap of faith here and going for it - and it's like the planets are aligning or something. I've just found the ideal bright space, and ppl are interested... I am so happy : )

So while things have been crazy, I've been making a little nudge and dent towards my 2007 goals (not resolutions, but goals!) with the help of gorgeous Picasso's Muse. We've been chatting heaps on Messenger and I am smiling because I have found such a beautiful, understanding and inspiring pal across the oceans.... Anyway, back to goals, we've decided to really make 2007 work for us - so check out our progress on our shared blog, dedicated to making this year the year that rocks the party.

I'm pleased to say that today I kicked off my Goal #9 - Learn to relax (ie. stop working 7 days a week, and when I have a day off, do something conducive to relaxation, be it massage, meditate, sleep, stretch, watch a movie etc). Ok, so I had a massage because I had so much stress in my shoulders from this week that I literally couldn't turn my neck, but I had a massage none the less! And I walked out of that room like an angel - seriously, I was floating!

So here's hoping your 2007 has started off as shiny as mine.

Take care,



At 12:42 PM, Blogger lg said...

Sounds like it's all falling into place.

Looking forward to sat night xxx

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Mary said...

Yeah, definitely sounds like everything is falling into place! Good going babe and can't wait for you to start your own regular classes soon too. Work's work and you know it's getting you closer to your goal as well :-)


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