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Monday, February 05, 2007

Spend-Free Day #1

Ok, day one - done. I know this might be really simple for some ppl but I gotta say, this really makes me aware of how much money (ie. spending) and emotions are tied in close for me.

For some ppl it's food, for some it is alcohol.. for me, it's a combination of things, and spending. I have this big aversion towards spending up big - but when it comes to buying magazines, or some fun jewellry, or some food to nibble on or a top... bring it on. I justify it because I'm only spending a few dollars here or there, but yikes, does it add up.

Today however, I didn't succumb to any impulse spending. I brought my lunch to work, including snacks, and public transported it all over the city to my after work writing course.

- A regular Monday sees me purchase my trashy NW mag - instead, it's online to Perez Hilton for me (hey! it's stress relief hehee).
- A regular Monday would see me purchase lunch - instead, I was prepared and brought it to work. Same for snacks.
- A regular Monday would see me tuck into a lovely takeaway coffee to 'kickstart' my day - instead, I'm making good use of our fantastic proper coffee machine at work. It's full cream milk, which I find gross (so does my skin), but until I make the cut to a caffeine free day, full fat it is. Blah. But real coffee, yum.
- And a regular Monday when I've got a writing course after work, would see me grab some takeaway for dinner and cab it home - instead, I trained & bussed it home from North Sydney and tucked into some delish pasta I prepared last night, which will also do for lunch tomorrow.

So here we go :)



At 8:00 AM, Blogger Briony said...

Well now you're just making me feel guilty about my daily coffee purchase! haha - but I must say it's the only thing I buy on weekdays. I always take my lunch and snacks to work and we don't have any shops nearby so i'm not tempted by anything. I am the same as you, I just love spending up big.
Well done on 'no spend' day #1 - keep up the good work.

At 4:00 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Good going babe! It sure helps when you plan it too, like making your lunches etc. I'm sure you won't have any problems doing it for the rest of the week :-)


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