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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The list of tasks.... make discipline my friend this week: (Inspired by 43things)

- I really want to Bake! I really want to Cook! And this is a good thing because it's all about money at the moment. That is, saving. Or, paying off debt.
- So doing a big grocery shop, and lots of home cooking with my new fave cookbook - La Dolce Vegan (see post below). Stay tuned for pics and updates!

Yoga + Health
- 1 x yoga class at Yoga Synergy, 1 x class at Yoga Sanga. Tres excited to try out Yoga Sanga in Surry Hills as have been wanting to for a while. I've heard the style that I teach is very similar to the classes here, and I can't wait. I've talked my manager into doing lunch time yoga with me so off we go!
- Run/walk for 1/2 hour down at Sydney Park.
- Regular classes this week.

- 2 alcohol free days (minimum). I am going well on this, just keeping it up..

- All work and no play makes Shiny a dull girl, but unfortunately I do this more often than not. Working on the depression thing is a bit of a struggle at the moment, so I need to commit to going out (of the house!), regardless of whether I want to or not. I always feel better when I do get out and about, I just need to get there.
- So in the spirit of this, I'm going to do a Stretch class at SDC, and also am going to catch up with Liora (coffee and yoga!), and Narelle (Anzac Day). That will do to start with.

What have you got planned for your week?

ps - dont' forget, biggest loser final this week! and new big brother starts tonight - jamie the nerd sounds funny. this idea could change in the next 5 mins, but at the mo, he makes me laugh :)

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At 9:23 PM, Blogger Alison said...

Hi Shiny
Good luck this week in keeping to your plans and keeping the Black Dog from the door.

Did you see the recipe for yohurt on No Impact Man's website a few weeks back? If you are in the mood to be in the kitchen, this is such a simple thing to do.

I've made three batches. It is dead simple.

At 10:19 PM, Blogger CaramelKitKat said...

Cooking is a great idea! It's satisfying to make something cheap, yummy and plentiful enough to cover some lunches and teas.

Let me know if you would still like to try the new macro cafe.

Have a fab week!

At 10:41 AM, Blogger Alain said...

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At 11:38 AM, Blogger Picasso's Muse said...

That's so good about the no drinking thing. I know that's a big deal for you so keep it up!! It's great you're getting out and about - work is good but free time is better:)


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