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Sunday, April 08, 2007

OM-tastic Yoga Links

Yoga -> my passion, my love, my fun, my inspiration. And because a teacher never stops being a student, see what I love to sink my teeth into when the chance pops up.

Accidental Yogist (an aspiring yoga discovers the los angeles yoga scene, and shares her experiences from go to woah!)

Playin’ the Edge (finding balance on + off the mat)

Yeah Dave Yoga (A flowing vinyasa yoga class, awesome music, a little spirituality and you have Yeah Dave Yoga. Music and yoga, the way it’s meant to be)

Hip Tranquil Chick (A guide to life on and off the yoga mat from a fun, hip & tranquil chick. Her pug is just too cute.)

Cupcakes & Yoga (Yoga is her passion and strength, it keeps her sane, she can’t live without it. Cupcakes are her weakness, they drive her insane, she can’t live without them.)

Just Breathe (She was once overweight and depressed; now she's an inspiring yoga teacher from Sth Africa sharing her love of the practice - both personal and professional.)

Om Bites (It's not just a physical journey, but a mental and spiritual one too for this lovely yoga girl.)



At 7:16 AM, Blogger Mary said...

Thanks for the links babe! Will check out the ones that are new to me :-)

At 10:36 PM, Blogger Nadine Fawell said...

I say thanks too! Looking forward to reading your thoughts, you have such a fab, upbeat style.


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