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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Food & stretchin'

I woke up on the 1st August and realised I had all of these new years resolutions but ahem, hadn't really achieved any of them halfway through the year. So I immediately set upon a detox - body, mind and soul.

I started it off with a complete 2 day juice, vegie and fruit detox, with a bit of fish baked for dinner. Felt AMAZING. For once it was actually pretty easy - and when I started introducing a bit more stuff (all wheat free) it was simple. I felt great, was full all the time and was being really healthy. I suppose the best sign of it all working was when I ate some icecream about 2 weeks into it and YIKES!! Let's put it this way, I had an excruciating headache within half an hour and um, ran to the loo!! Nuts.

So I'm still on a pretty heathy eating plan, and have also been doing heaps of yoga. I went until this past weekend completely alcohol free (woohoo) and noticed improvements on that front too.

While I was in the yoga loving mood, I signed up for the Yoga Aid Challenge - to do 108 sun salutes in the one session (with 300 other yogis!) during October. A normal yoga class has about 5 sun salutes, so this will be interesting!

It's the perfect setting - in the Botanical Gardens overlooking the Opera House, and I am hoping to raise $250 by donations (so far I've got $112) to go to Barnardo's Childrens Charity. Want to donate some money towards the good cause? Then pls click here. Thank you : )

Hope you're all going well and this lovely sunny day has put a spring in your step!

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At 9:52 PM, Blogger syed said...

This will probably be an annoying question but I can't help myself, what's a sun salute?


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