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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quick + Sharp

Feeling good because today was monthly pay day and I paid off $500+ in debt, plus am up to date with all my bills. I AM UP TO DATE WITH ALL MY BILLS! Argh! That is a nice feeling. And hey, by the end of the month I may not be up to date when the new bills come in... but I'm taking it one step at a time!

I also figure out that if I keep going at this rate (heck, have a shopping sabbatical year!!) I can be debt free in 2 years. Niiiice!

FYI WoYoPracMo is still kicking along nicely, and my thoughts from last night on reaching halfway?
We're almost half way through the month, and can I tell you just how much I am LOVING yoga again!? This is one new years resolution that I can see will go well beyond January.

I have done yoga for years and years, but since I started teaching I fell into that unfortunately common trap of not practicing as often as before. My personal practice fell by the wayside but now I'm back and happy and shiny and I remember just why I called my yoga biz Shiny Yoga.

And why is that? Easy - Yoga makes me smile, it makes me less stressed, it makes me calm and I cannot, simply cannot!, forget this wondeful feeling. Some people find their high through gyms, or extreme sports, or heck, alcohol or whatever. For me, without a doubt, my thrill in life is Yoga. Thanks Yogamum, for reminding me of this : )

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