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Sunday, January 13, 2008

So many thoughts, so little time

Ok - great end to a weekend that started out not so fab. Had a couple drinks Friday night after I got thinking too bloody much, plus I ate takeaway. So after 2 weeks (since new years day) of not having take away and not eating crap and not drinking, I felt SHOCKING on Saturday. Major headaches and bad bad mood. Makes me realise just how much food really is medicine - good and bad.

Sunday morning was woken up constantly by drunken neighbours coming home at 3, 4 and 5.. so my planned 8am drive down the coast turned out to be an 11am drive. Still, I got there. I got there even after a phone call from someone close which made me cry - but as soon as that happened I decided I need to react differently, and instead practiced some tonglin meditation. Yes, so hard, but it worked.

Really - WoYoPracMo is helping me be a LOT calmer and my new years resolutions about food and diet and respecting my own body are also making alot of things clear. This year, so far, has involved a lot of inner searching and inner thoughts, and I am learning a lot about myself.

Had a great and wonderful catch up with fam, loved my cousin's home... and realised how well everyone around me is doing - and how heavily in debt I am. It freaked me out.

1) I was always intelligent at school and wonder how come I'm earning so much less than everyone around me right now.
2) EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the catch up today either had babies, was in a long term relationship or had not been single for more than a month - or better yet, engaged... where as I have been single - well and truly - for over a year, and then 2 years before that one.
3) that's enough. Can't spill all my guts out here!

It was just a thought inducing afternoon.

Anyway, it made me more inspired than ever to get my butt outta debt, so here we go.

Off to eat a homemade dinner, stay tuned for more insightful and neurotic thoughts coming soon ;)

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