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Monday, March 10, 2008

Grey skies

A few years back I really hit the depths of depression.

I remember sitting on the floor in my house, near the lounge, and just crying. I had been given some time off work and I just couldn't DO anything. Well, except sleep, and cry, and sleep some more. So my bella sister came up with a simple solution – sleep as much as I want to, don't eat, cry, sleep some more or whatever, just as long as once a day, every single day, I left the house.

Now if you've never had depression, you're probably thinking this is normal.. easy.. what, of COURSE you'd leave the house every day.. but when the black dog is perched at the end of your bed, it takes enormous amounts of strength to even get dressed for the day. And that doesn't include having a shower. Trust me.

But I kept that promise to her, and even if I just went to the corner store to get a juice, I left the house once a day.

It was during this time that $5 lunchtime yoga classes started near my house, so I became a regular. Monday to Friday, I'd try to go for the 50 minute class, and then would come back home and sleep, not eat, cry and sleep some more guilt free. And would you believe, this yoga thing really started to have some amazing effects on my body.

So now when I am once again feeling choked and heavy and sad and like I can't breathe, I am going to keep a simple promise to myself… that I will go for a walk or do some teeny tiny form of exercise every day. Even if it's just a walk around the block. I will do it, once a day, every single day.

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