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Friday, February 29, 2008

Peace, Love + Brown Rice

I need a little more of all of these in my life.
Lately - for the whole last month, really - work has been intense. Intensely intense. For an example, my last week has been as follows:

Sunday worked all day at an outdoor festival (12noon to 11pm)
Monday had band in town, had work dinner at night
Tuesday has band in town, had work gig at night
Wednesday had band in town, had work gig at night
Thursday had band in another town so caught up on all my office work! Work gig at night
Friday.... sick at home

It's no surprise really that my throat is killing me today. My last week has been massively crazy and busy but I actually have enjoyed it - but the whole month has been full on. I'm actually feeling really on top of everything at work as well but yeh, rest sometimes is good.

I had a plan in February to deepen my yoga practice, but I've actually worked so much that yoga has taken a back seat.
So I definitely need some more yoga in my life. I need some more inner peace. When things are busy self-care flies out the window and it's a habit I need to break. So this month I'm going to go to a meditation class and up the yoga practice. Also going to jump on the treadmill so I can do some self-meditation.
Self love, any love! Whatever falls under that banner, I need some of it. I need to do something this month, something to look forward to. Similar to an artist date, but just a date with myself. I am going to go to an art gallery, I am going to going to figure out some more things too. Stay tuned.
bRoWn RiCe
Food glorious food! I am going to eat proper meals this month. I'm gonna back off on takeaway. I'm going to cook with kate and quinoa and post foto evidence on here : )


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At 8:21 PM, Blogger Christy Ann said...

Hi there!... yes, "loving yourself" should be #1 on everyone's too do list.

Looking forward to seeing the pics of your meals you WILL cook for yourself!



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