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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh what a night!

It's Sydney Festival here in Sydney town, which means there are plenty of tents set up around the city, lots of lights, activity and people! So what a perfect time to take my Pittsburgh pals out through the city!

Friday's Big Day Out finished, the after party rolled around (yes, I met and shook hands with Tom, Billy & Zach, woohoo), and J and I got in a taxi to head back to the hotel... it was late, it was bedtime for the boys, but heck - when we drove past all the tents and lights-a-shining in Hyde Park I told the taxi driver to pull over and we wandered through the magical scenery of a summer night in a beautiful and busy city.

We stopped at a fountain in the park where loads of people were just sitting around and chatting - and suddenly people started clapping, as a girl pulled her shoes off and started dancing in the fountain! Then her partner came up and they started doing ballroom dancing in the water - it was surreal and beautiful, and one by one more and more people started getting up and getting wet!!! J and I looked at each other, nodded, and pulled our shoes and socks off and joined in!
What a truly magical night, and I have now found a beautiful friend with whom I've a lifelong bond now. What a story : )


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