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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Biggest Loser is on tv and whatever you think about it, it is inspiring for me!
So much so that I have hooked up with the best personal trainer ever, and am starting this friday. Money... yeh, it's an issue, but it's for health, right?!

I actually had packed my bag bright and early this morning.. ready to go to yoga straight from work this evening at 7.30pm. Went into the bathroom at work to change and TADA!!! found out I'd left my yoga pants at home : ( so that sucked but that meant I could instead come home, watch Biggest Loser and cook a yummy salmon steak +vegies for dinner. So all's well that ends well : )

Hope yr rocking.. And hey - if you were on Biggest Loser, what would be your 'play'?? Would you partake in the challenges where you can choose junk food for immunity? Would you 'play the game' or would you be solely focussed on the weight? It's an interesting q....


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At 9:30 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

My husband has put me on a Biggest Loser ban this year. He said I can watch anything I like, just not that ... perhaps after my non-stop tirade of televisual abuse after last year's final! Seriously, I was livid .
I sincerely hope Channel 10 have put in stronger checks this year to make sure everyone does the right thing. It made me sad last year for the people who made an effort and changed their lives for the better to be trumped by an idiot with an alleged eating disorder.

Anyway, good on you for starting a personal training program! How many times are you doing it per week? Sounds awesome.


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