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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Art of Listening - Take 2

I had to laugh aloud as I was reading my fave blogs this evening, when I came across Everyday Yogini who had this to say: Even after years of practicing Yoga, I am skilled at the art of ignoring my body. Which is evidenced by my shoulder injury recently while practicing. This is also evidenced by my recent and amazing binge of all things pizza and dessert, which has led me back into a health crisis. Seriously.

I read this as I am literally switching between 2 laptops - my home one where I'm catching up on emails and sites, & my work computer, where I'm catching up on a busy day's worth of emails. Oh, and the TV is on, with my mobile phone ringing beside me. I kid you not!!

But even funnier (if that is the word!) is that I was googling for SPIRULINA on one web page as I was waiting for Blogger to load on another, because I was going to write a post about the magic natural potion that is this amazing spirulina - which was recommended to me yesterday as I'm so run down!!! Seriously.

So yes - the world works in wonderful ways, and today while I was trying to do way too many things at once, it was spelled out clearly in front of me : "Even after years of practicing Yoga, I am skilled at the art of ignoring my body". But I'm not going to ignore all these signs around me, and the TV is off now. The work stuff is put aside, and I'm going to have a relaxing shower! Oh, and I'm passing my lesson onto you - if you're sometimes not tuned into your own body, be sure to listen to all those little signs around you, and take it easy. : )

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PS - and if you are a bit run down yourself, spirulina (with its nutrients by the bucketload) is apparently the great natural cure. Oh, and so is resting, eating fruit, drinking water, and napping. ;)

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