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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How on earth did I get here?

I guess I was never too worried about money... I mean, growing up, we didn't have any, so when I started earning it, I just spent it. It was a nice change. And then I got a loan when I moved to Sydney cause, you know, Sydney is an expensive city! And then the debts got bigger, the savings became non-existant, and here we are... a 30 year old in way too much debt and with no savings.

So it was pretty cool to read Too Smart about reflecting on getting into debt - reflecting on how the hell did I get to this crazy position! He says:
I've spent a week doing "reflection". Writing things about "how I got here". It might make for decent copy, but, as always, it's not really moving me any towards my goals.
This is a common problem with me. I have big ideas, big plans. I'm a great "thinker", I'm a horrible "do-er". I have to do something to improve my situation before I go to bed tonight.

Well - me too. It's really freaky that I have no savings to speak of, over 10k in debt, and friends around me who are now talking about putting down a deposit for a house. Oh My God. I don't even have a deposit for a holiday. And that has to change.

I've actually rejigged my whole yoga teaching timetable and I will start earning a good couple of hundred bucks a week, to go right onto my debt snowball. And of course I got paid last week, got all excited, and signed up for this course in true Shiny style - no debt repayments to be had. Sure, the course is gonna be good but it's not getting me any closer to being debt free! So readers, I'm taking my spending habits to the street. Well rather, my new savings habits to the people. I'm getting back to regularly updating my debt snowball page, and will include a listing of how much exactly I earn for yoga - and thus will be shamed into putting all of it onto debt repayments.

I figure if I work my pahooti off till the end of the year I can without a doubt get rid of my credit card and loan. Now THAT is a good thought.

Today i am grateful for:
* Friends coming together for a diner party on the weekend
* Yoga practice
* reading books while snuggled in bed on a cold day!
* lovely cups of tea from T2
* sticky date pudding with icecream and strawberries
* my counsellor

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