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Sunday, October 22, 2006

bodies are strange

i know.. we all know it. but this has been my first weekend in over a whole year of having 2 whole days together, a weekend, free of work. no appointments, nothing.

and what happens? I get the flu and am dying.

It's always the way, isn't it? you're about to go on hols, let go, and get sick.

anyway, hopefully the usual 48 hours of major, feeling like crap is over soon.
bring on the nurofen plus, more updates later.


Update: so after my mum came to my rescue on monday afternoon, with my 'flu' getting worse and worse, she took me to the doctor where I found out I actually had streptococcal tonsilitis.. with a huge inflamed and infected throat, and a soaring temp of 39.5 degrees (the average is 35 or 36). So I'm on the antibiotics (Yum) and nurofen plus, and finally got my first decent sleep in over 3 days... makes you realise how well you are when you aren't sick!
thanks mummy. xxxx

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Booty Camp :: She's runnin'!

yep, you read right. It wasn't just a one off - I really ran... again!

Tonight it was Circuit ::
Lot 1 (we did this twice in a row)
1. push up's on the ground, with one hand on a big ball. 30 on each side.
2. bicep dips (hands on bench, feet on floor, up and down 30 times) um, or is that tricep??
3. up and down on the bench - 30 x one leg, 30 on the other. PAIN!
4. boxing - left and right jabs, left and right, left and right, x 30
5. squats/high jumps x 30

Lot 2 (just once)
1. skipping for one minute *pelvic floor, sheesh!
2. Sprint to first hat and jog back to start, then 2nd hat and back to start, then 3rd hat and back to start. Repeat again.
3. Ab work - sit on bum, lift legs, swap heavy ball with partner from side to side
4. Ab work - sit on bum, face partner with feet on floor, sit up and pass ball back and forth.

Lot 3
loads of hovers and lots of being on toes, holding it, and coming up to hands from forearms, back and forth. yikes!

Then a nice cool down with lots of stretching and lunging and all that jazz....

By then, i was sweaty and tired and didn't even care that I was just lying all over the grass in the Domain! It was just so lovely to lie down! And * joy of joys * I actually bounded home and had energy. Oh my, does this mean that I'm actually, maybe, kinda starting to enjoy this????

Till next time,

ps - has anyone seen that gross but hilarious new ice mentos ad? The guy with the loooong nipples? eww! ;)
pps - yublocka, ya stalker! ;) nah.. good to have you along! xxx

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stairs & Hills = Sexy Legs

… so I’ve been told ;)

So this evening when I was lunging up a BIG hill, running back down, doing it again 3 times, and then boxing, running and squatting, well, that’s all I was thinking about. Sexy legs! Yep, I’m into week 2 of booty camp and I tell ya, I’m bloody sore and tired but pumped!

It’s now been 2 months since I stopped teaching at least one yoga class a day, and instead, replaced it with sitting on my big fat bum all day long. Well, the bum is now big and fat cause that’s what happens when you stop exercising and start snacking all day long. Yikes! So the short story is I’m loving boot camp. I want to cry when I’m doing it and I have become very fond of the ‘f’ word (it is really easy to sigh that word out when you can’t breathe or talk), but I’m gonna stick with it.

Anyway, off for a nice hot shower now before my arms fall asleep by my sides!

Hope you’re all hanging in there. x

Friday, October 13, 2006

guys suck

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Don't take my sunshine away

Don't worry - my 'little miss sunshine' post below is safe :) I'm full of smiles tonight because I have had a grand day, filled with great pals, great chats, fun exercise, fine food & damn good music (the title of the post is the first track from the new Sparklehorse album, who have released one of my fave albums ever). Thanks chunkytoast for the cd - I'm in love!

My sis and I got up bright & early to make our way back to Sydney, where we met Mary and CKK to head on over to Bondi beach for the great beach walk. And what a day we chose - so hot! But we took off at a nice pace, saw some great views and realised why living in Sydney does have benefits -> check us out! (damn blogger - will put pics in tomorrow!!!)

Then it was home time for a quick nap (!!) before teaching a fantastic yoga class this afternoon. Phew! On the way home I was debating what take away I'd have for dinner - bad, I know! But after chatting about budgets and about health today, I was inspired to just get into that kitchen! And indeed I did - right now the amazing smells coming from the kitchen are from my own special invention:

* quickly pre-boil some pumpkin in water, then drain & mix with some cut up cherry tomatoes. Mix with basil (I use the yummy squeezey tube)
* lightly fry some garlic, onion and leek, mushrooms, add some vegie stock & chilli
* add in some cut up firm tofu (i luv the soyco tofu brand) and quickly add in with the onion, splash over some red wine vinegar
* put all the ingredients into a baking dish and squeeze some fresh lemon and lime juice over the lot. Yum. Add some full garlic cloves as well - these become really sweet when baked.
* Add some more herbs after about 20 minutes - I like paprika, cumin, whatever you love!

Bake till all ingredients are ready - perhaps 40 mins and when it smells fab! Serve over couscous or rice and ENJOY!

I also add some parmesan or ricotta on the top of the dish, just before serving, and how fantastic and healthy is this?! FAB!

Anyway, tomorrow is a new week - Tuesday sees me at Boot Camp (eep!) and the Yoga Challenge continues.. very exciting!

Have a tops week everyone,

ps - a pic from Friday night's Gersey gig @Newtown... so fab! (again, will add pic when blogger lets me!)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

At the moment, right now as I'm sitting at my bella sister's house down the coast on a balmy saturday night, I'm little miss sunshine. Things around me are making me smile :)

The goodness started last night - after a busy but fun week, I was free. You gotta love short weeks! So I met up with beautiful Miss Tara and we dined on a mexican feast @ Chocolate Dog Cafe (which goes Mexican by night!). Fajitas.. yum! Then it was off to see Gersey at @Newtown. Now, for those of you who don't know.. I LOVE gersey - LURVE them! This gorgeous Melbourne band are old pals of mine, I did their publicity a while ago and I love seeing them when they come through town. But teaching yoga for a year - it doesn't lend to much night action and I tended to hibernate a wee bit last year. So it's been a while! But it was definitely worth the wait :)

Then today I taught my last Saturday morning yoga class at Fitness First in the city.. weekends, how I've missed you! I haven't had a free weekend for over a year, so it's gonna be fun, but today was a bit sad as well. This was my first class I started teaching so to have heaps of regulars and to see them progress over the year.. it's been a ball. Thanks guys. xx

Then it was down south, an hour from Sydney, where I got to hang out with my sister. It's been way too long since I've beeen here - and I got to see the best dog of them all, our baby Jack (who's not really a baby at all, but a mini-horse). Chocolate boxers are the best :)

And then... (phew!) it was off to the movies to see Little Miss Sunshine - and yikes, how great was it?!! I laughed out loud, I cried and giggled and left with a huge grin on my face. GO SEE IT!

Anyway, time to scoot because tomorrow we're doing the Bondi to Bronte walk (no rest!) so it's time for bed. Yay for fun weekends!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

I love Spongebob!

There are some perks to the new job.. namely, i'm working with kids media - so bring on the glitter pens, the pink nail polish, the feather pens and coin purses. Yep - I'm a total girl :)

And next week, I'm off to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.. YIPPEE! Bring on the green slime, bring on the screaming kids and tween queens. I'm excited! :)

And other GREAT news (yep, worthy of some caps tonight!) - I got accepted into the Anusara Yoga Workshop happening this November, with John Friend.. the John Friend from America, founder of anusara! OMG! I applied for this months ago and wasn't sure I'd get in because I haven't done much anusara at all (anusara is a blend of hatha and iyengar, which is quite new. You can read more about it here) - but I got in *phew* and can't wait! I found out this week, am making payment tomorrow, and I'm sure you'll hear more and more about it as it gets closer :)

I suppose that means I'm going to be ready and raring to go after the Om Yoga Challenge!

Looking forward to going to class with you next week Mary - bright & early 6.30am start! yikes!


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Om Yoga Challenge

"Through yoga, the body attains attractiveness to others, beauty, firmness and unusual physical strength." Yoga Sutra III.46

The aim...
Mon 2 *listened to JivaDiva Podcast about yoga and did meditation. Some days you just need to take care of yourself & take it easy.
Tues 3 *lunchtime yoga class at Life Source with Christina, my fave teacher there.
Wed 4 *taught yoga 8.30pm at Fitness First in Rockdale
Thurs 5 *6.30am yoga at Samadhi with Amelia
Fri 6 *taught yoga 6.30pm at Newtown Gym
Sat 7 *taught yoga 11am at Fitness First, Bond St
Sun 8 *9am Yoga Synergy class

Mon 9 *6.30pm class at Newtown Gym
Tues 10 *lunchtime yoga class at Life Source, Nth Sydney with Christina. Boot camp @ night.
Wed 11 *taught yoga 8.30pm at Fitness First in Rockdale
Thurs 12 *6.30am yoga at Samadhi, boot camp @ night.
Fri 13 *taught yoga 6.30pm at Newtown Gym
Sat 14 *dharma shala class in Bondi
Sun 15 *9am Yoga Synergy class

Mon 16 * lunchtime class at Life Source
Tues 17 *lunchtime yoga class at Life Source with Christina. Boot camp @ night.
Wed 18 *taught yoga 8.30pm at Fitness First in Rockdale
Thurs 19 *6.30am class at Samadhi with Amelia. Boot camp @ night.
Fri 20 *taught yoga 6.30pm at Newtown Gym
Sat 21 *8.30am Art of Yoga Anusara class
Sun 22 *9am Yoga Synergy class

Mon 23 *6.30pm class at Newtown Gym
Tues 24 *lunchtime yoga class at Life Source with Christina. Boot camp @ night.
Wed 25 *taught yoga 8.30pm at Fitness First in Rockdale
Thurs 26 *6.30am class at Samadhi, boot camp @ night.
Fri 27 *taught yoga 6.30pm at Newtown Gym
Sat 28 *Dharma Shala class in Bondi
Sun 29 *9am morning class at Yoga Synergy

Mon 30 *lunchtime class at Life Source with Lauren.
Tues 31 *lunchtime yoga class at Life Source with Christina.

I'm taking the OM Yoga Challenge

I cannot hide my excitement - I am an out and proud OM yoga fanatic! If I had to name my guru, Cyndi Lee would be it. Her style of hatha vinyasa flow yoga is what I base all my teachings around and I am always jumping on the OM Yoga site to be inspired and re-energised.
Cyndi Lee and OM Yoga, for me, is what yoga is about - fun, colourful, spiritual, energising and open. And when I saw the OM Yoga Challenge happening this October in her New York studio, I was tempted to join in - from the other side of the world :) 30 classes in 30 days - can you imagine how balanced and alive you would feel after that??!

But like many of my plans, I thought about it, got excited, and promptly lost enthusiasm... that is until I was reading Mary's blog and see that SHE IS DOING THE CHALLENGE TOO! Yay! So really, it's meant to be :)
So I'm starting the challenge tomorrow with the New York OM'mers. And it is perfect timing, because there's a new yoga and pilates studio opening in Broadway (NSW) this long weekend and they've got a free open day with classes running all day long!
The idea of the Om Yoga Challenge this October 2-31:

"Come to a yoga class every single day for 30 days -- it can be any class from advanced to restorative to gentle/basics. The point is to show up and practice with others. This creates a two-pronged approach to our practice -- we are dedicating time and energy toward our own benefit as well as to others. By breathing together, showing up whether we are tired or in a bad mood, making a commitment to share quiet time and space together -- this is a concrete way to share the dedication of your practice with others."

Stay tuned for the updates - and thanks Mary for kicking my butt into gear! Look forward to sharing the journey with you xx

Happy Birthday Miss Em!

It was beautiful Miss Em's birthday yesterday, so a group of us went to Mocean right on Bondi Beach for a most amazing lunch... ahhh to live so close to the beach! So it was only right to order seafood - I had the Tuscan Seafood Casserole, while across from me, the lovely Tara had a seafood spagetti with chilli, yum. Check out our before pics:

then the after pic - nothing left but a mountain of empty shells:

After many champagne hours (literally!) it was time for a hop skip and jump back up the street to Em's house in Tamarama.. with a beautiful view of the ocean right in her living room, I could get used to spending lazy Saturday afternoons not leaving the house! And while we did stay inside, everyone's attention soon turned to the AFL footy grand final. Everyone except Em and I, that is - we busied ourselves in the kitchen preparing drinks and putting her bday flowers in water! You know, I can appreciate the sport, but it's just not for me :)

Check out the girls completely absorbed with the TV action... while Em and I play with flowers:

The day was perfect as I also got to have a great chat with Tara - time really flies and it's just been too long since we managed a nice, long talk, face to face. She got me all inspired and in keeping with my 'spend my 30th bday overseas' idea, I'm all set to go to Nonesuch in New York next year - that's the plan anyway. Tara and I are such music nerds and spent a good hour talking about it all - she actually used to work at Nonesuch so I'm very envious!

All up it was just a glorious day to spend with my girls, and just what i needed to keep my mind busy and my heart happy - Happy Birthday beautiful Em, and here's to many more.