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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Booty Camp :: She's runnin'!

yep, you read right. It wasn't just a one off - I really ran... again!

Tonight it was Circuit ::
Lot 1 (we did this twice in a row)
1. push up's on the ground, with one hand on a big ball. 30 on each side.
2. bicep dips (hands on bench, feet on floor, up and down 30 times) um, or is that tricep??
3. up and down on the bench - 30 x one leg, 30 on the other. PAIN!
4. boxing - left and right jabs, left and right, left and right, x 30
5. squats/high jumps x 30

Lot 2 (just once)
1. skipping for one minute *pelvic floor, sheesh!
2. Sprint to first hat and jog back to start, then 2nd hat and back to start, then 3rd hat and back to start. Repeat again.
3. Ab work - sit on bum, lift legs, swap heavy ball with partner from side to side
4. Ab work - sit on bum, face partner with feet on floor, sit up and pass ball back and forth.

Lot 3
loads of hovers and lots of being on toes, holding it, and coming up to hands from forearms, back and forth. yikes!

Then a nice cool down with lots of stretching and lunging and all that jazz....

By then, i was sweaty and tired and didn't even care that I was just lying all over the grass in the Domain! It was just so lovely to lie down! And * joy of joys * I actually bounded home and had energy. Oh my, does this mean that I'm actually, maybe, kinda starting to enjoy this????

Till next time,

ps - has anyone seen that gross but hilarious new ice mentos ad? The guy with the loooong nipples? eww! ;)
pps - yublocka, ya stalker! ;) nah.. good to have you along! xxx


At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go you shiny! I am so envious too, you are going to be one hot (even hotter than now of course!) babe after all of this!


At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Mary said...

WOW you are on fire girl and I love reading about it! :-) The booty camp sounds intense but damn worth it.

The mentos nipples ad is strangely weird but I can't take my eyes of it when it's on. It's a bit off in a *ouch* kind of way for me LOL.

Yublocka, stalker??

At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have that Mentos ad too and I can't bear it. It's way too perverse for me. And I just can't understand a creative mind coming up with the concept and actually thinking the general viewing public would be into it :)


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