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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Don't take my sunshine away

Don't worry - my 'little miss sunshine' post below is safe :) I'm full of smiles tonight because I have had a grand day, filled with great pals, great chats, fun exercise, fine food & damn good music (the title of the post is the first track from the new Sparklehorse album, who have released one of my fave albums ever). Thanks chunkytoast for the cd - I'm in love!

My sis and I got up bright & early to make our way back to Sydney, where we met Mary and CKK to head on over to Bondi beach for the great beach walk. And what a day we chose - so hot! But we took off at a nice pace, saw some great views and realised why living in Sydney does have benefits -> check us out! (damn blogger - will put pics in tomorrow!!!)

Then it was home time for a quick nap (!!) before teaching a fantastic yoga class this afternoon. Phew! On the way home I was debating what take away I'd have for dinner - bad, I know! But after chatting about budgets and about health today, I was inspired to just get into that kitchen! And indeed I did - right now the amazing smells coming from the kitchen are from my own special invention:

* quickly pre-boil some pumpkin in water, then drain & mix with some cut up cherry tomatoes. Mix with basil (I use the yummy squeezey tube)
* lightly fry some garlic, onion and leek, mushrooms, add some vegie stock & chilli
* add in some cut up firm tofu (i luv the soyco tofu brand) and quickly add in with the onion, splash over some red wine vinegar
* put all the ingredients into a baking dish and squeeze some fresh lemon and lime juice over the lot. Yum. Add some full garlic cloves as well - these become really sweet when baked.
* Add some more herbs after about 20 minutes - I like paprika, cumin, whatever you love!

Bake till all ingredients are ready - perhaps 40 mins and when it smells fab! Serve over couscous or rice and ENJOY!

I also add some parmesan or ricotta on the top of the dish, just before serving, and how fantastic and healthy is this?! FAB!

Anyway, tomorrow is a new week - Tuesday sees me at Boot Camp (eep!) and the Yoga Challenge continues.. very exciting!

Have a tops week everyone,

ps - a pic from Friday night's Gersey gig @Newtown... so fab! (again, will add pic when blogger lets me!)


At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great weekend all round me thinks! Thanks for a great weekend :-)

Blogger can be a bugger if you try it another 2-3 times after the first failed attempt, it will work.


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