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Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm taking the OM Yoga Challenge

I cannot hide my excitement - I am an out and proud OM yoga fanatic! If I had to name my guru, Cyndi Lee would be it. Her style of hatha vinyasa flow yoga is what I base all my teachings around and I am always jumping on the OM Yoga site to be inspired and re-energised.
Cyndi Lee and OM Yoga, for me, is what yoga is about - fun, colourful, spiritual, energising and open. And when I saw the OM Yoga Challenge happening this October in her New York studio, I was tempted to join in - from the other side of the world :) 30 classes in 30 days - can you imagine how balanced and alive you would feel after that??!

But like many of my plans, I thought about it, got excited, and promptly lost enthusiasm... that is until I was reading Mary's blog and see that SHE IS DOING THE CHALLENGE TOO! Yay! So really, it's meant to be :)
So I'm starting the challenge tomorrow with the New York OM'mers. And it is perfect timing, because there's a new yoga and pilates studio opening in Broadway (NSW) this long weekend and they've got a free open day with classes running all day long!
The idea of the Om Yoga Challenge this October 2-31:

"Come to a yoga class every single day for 30 days -- it can be any class from advanced to restorative to gentle/basics. The point is to show up and practice with others. This creates a two-pronged approach to our practice -- we are dedicating time and energy toward our own benefit as well as to others. By breathing together, showing up whether we are tired or in a bad mood, making a commitment to share quiet time and space together -- this is a concrete way to share the dedication of your practice with others."

Stay tuned for the updates - and thanks Mary for kicking my butt into gear! Look forward to sharing the journey with you xx


At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Mary said...

Whoo hoo, another person down under taking on the challenge! Would love to hear what the new yoga/pilates place is like and anytime you want to go to a class together in the evenings during the week or on the weekend, give me a bell. I'll send you an email to let you know what nights/times I am free and I am making sure I am free for this challenge. This is the month to be focused and not be "too" busy.

Whoo hoo, so glad you're doing it too!!



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