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Monday, November 27, 2006

A little plan

Oh that Healthbites, she's so clued in :) And I'm following in her lead to set a plan for the week. As my pals will know only too well, I'm really disliking my job at the moment. But the problem is, I'm not just disliking it and leaving it at that - I'm hating it, and starting to feel really down and affect everything. Today, for example, I am at home with a killer headache, completely full of stress and have been really crying. I can't let this job affect my depression and feed it.

So anyway, a plan is a good thing.

I also realised that it's been a while since i've been eating and drinking healthily. So that is on the list too.

Here we go:
Mon 27 Nov
*teaching a yoga class in the city 7.30pm, pasta with tomato sauce for dinner, no alcohol DONE
Tues 28 Nov
*yoga class (as a student) at Samadhi, 6.30am - no, run after work - no, cook dinner, no alcohol DONE
Wed 29 Nov
*yoga class (as a student) at Life Source, 7am - no, & teaching a yoga class at night, leftovers for dinner (and EAT dinner), no alcohol DONE
Thurs 30 Nov
*go for a run, Christmas party at night - only have one drink (well, I had 2 light beers). counting this as DONE
Fri 1 Dec

*teaching yoga class 6.30pm, no alcohol
Sat 2 Dec
*working at Homebake, no alcohol. This is going to be really hard.
Sun 3 Dec
*yoga class (as a student) with Narelle, 9.30am. Grocery shop and buy vegies! Plan meals for next week!

All up:
* more fruit this week

* homecooked meals and LESS TAKEAWAY!
* bringing food to work and stop buying it
* ask for help

I know that alcohol might not be a big deal for some people, but as I've discussed with W, alcohol to me, is like food is for others. So this is going to be a big week for me. And if I don't pass with flying colours, that is ok. I will just try again :)


Friday, November 24, 2006


so it's been one crazy ride lately.. work is nuts, home is full on, things are all up and down. but first things first... thanks for the lovely emails and notes everyone :) I have missed my lil' blog, but it's good to be back - all shiny & new in blogger beta! eep!

So last weekend was my birthday - a time to think, re-evaluate, and forward plan. I was kind of just ignoring it - maybe that is something that happens as you get older? Not sure.. but normally I'm all over the moon about it, and this year, I just kind of let it go... I organised a low key lunch, accepted to do 2 yoga classes the morning after my b'day so I would not have a huge night.. and yeh, generally took it easy.

And while I thought I might be a little teary because of the boy factor (girls, we're weird, ugh) but in the end, I actually couldn't have hoped for a better one. I was surrounded by my real friends. It wasn't about going out and getting on with everyone and finding a new best pal, because you were a pissy pants. But i consciously chose to hang out with some great pals.

and that brings a smile to my face :)

Next thing of note is work - and the friends I've made there. I love crossing paths with people that you just gel with, and while the place I work for leaves a LOT to be desired, I couldn't have asked for better workmates.

So cheers to that. Let's eat icecream :)


Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm baaaaack kiddos!

Geez, it took me forever to figure out this beta blogger thingyboby, but now.. I'm back! And yikes, I missed blogging!

Lots to fill in but first and foremost, I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have some simply amazing pals who surrounded me on my birthday this past weekend... boys can come and go and a heart can break and mend, but you know, your girly friends just rock.

I know for some ppl it might sound silly, but my mate Sarah suggested I keep pink light around me all weekend.. and it made the world of difference.

And light beer - light beer made the difference too :)

So stay tuned for some fun birthday stories, some grand best friend's wedding tales and more.