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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cupcakes, Eggs & Chocolate, O My!

I love Easter. More obviously, I love the CHOCOLATE of Easter. And in the post-Easter glow, I love the idea of new beginnings that Easter is really all about.

I've been struggling to get into any sort of fitness routine for the last couple of months. Between teaching yoga and working a very full on full-time job, doing anything above and beyond the duties of those things rarely gets a look in. Hence why I needed to stay at home this past holiday - to just BE STILL and BE.

But the joys of getting older means that those jiggy bits are a bit more obvious and also take a bit more work to shift. And heck, I had to buy a pair of new jeans for Winter yesterday and being in a change room under horrid flourescent lights is enough to slap your senses into moving your butt!

So today I'm off to the gym. I think.

I actually really want to get to a yoga class but I really do need to do the simple treadmill and bike thing. Perhaps both? (Yes, I tend to want to do everything, all at once!) We'll see. But at least one bit of exercise today, for sure. I've also started assisting in 2 x Tuesday morning yoga classes which in itself is a little bit of work - pulling and (gently) pushing people into the right adjustments! It's heaps of fun but more importantly for me right now it's proved I can get out of bed early. A new habit for me to keep ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, friends.

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