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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Me Want! Me Want! Me Want!

Yes, this is all about wants! There's a lot floating around inside my head so I'm putting it down here to create some more space 'up there'. hehee!

A Hubby - well, a hire-a-hubby to be exact. None of this permanent biz, just someone to come by, fix things and leave. Ha!
Fly screens for my new home! (seriously, why aren't there any?!)
Washing Machine - that fits into my little washing machine spot. And that doesn't leak.
New showerhead! That has really strong pressure. Is that a showerhead thing? Or water pressue? Hmm...
Photo frames - ikea, here I come.
Hair Straightner - Hair cut & Colour
PT sessions
New jeans
New winter clothes & a pair of shoes

But mostly, I want to be debt free.
Let me tell you, a lot of this stuff is actually pretty necessary - well, stuff that I deem necessary. It's interesting putting it down in writing though because you see just what you don't really need. The bolded items are the ones I'm getting first up, the rest will have to wait a little.

Here we go! x

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