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Monday, October 29, 2007

Operation 'Get It Together'

What I have been thinking lately:
I am really run down at the moment, really really run down. Not surprising though - I haven't had a holiday in a long time! I was teaching yoga full time for a year, then started work at a PR company for 5 months without a holiday, then worked at Field Day and Big Day Out for a month without a break, then worked at Chauvel for 9 months without a break, and now am at Red and have had no break at all during this time! My first 3 weeks at Red saw me sleeping every spare second I could as I had the head cold from hell - seriously - and now I've got work gigs and such (which I love)... and I still need that holiday!

So yep, time to Get It Together!! Obviously because I'm so tired I've just let everything go - eating, exercising, me time... I need to start going to the gym. I need to do a lot more yoga. I need to eat healthy food. I need to rest up.

working working working... but at least a lot of it is fun! I worked at Legs 11 on Friday evening at the box office, see all those tickets to give out? L - the view inside the office. R - the view outside the office! We were in the Domain so you can see the lights right in front of where we were, from the Art Gallery.
Mentally, I'm in an ok kind of place - the neurofeedback has really picked me up and I've noticed my moods improving greatly. Check out this wonderful and inspiring gal's journey out of depression, thanks to exercise. Food for thought.... so much so that I'm keen to participate in my own 12 week challenge!
Starting tomorrow I'm getting right into the Operation. This week I am committing to:
Monday - day after the ARIA's, rest/recovery day! (although I did manage to have a salad sandwich for lunch!)
Tuesday - gym before work, just half an hour. I really noticed after my cold that it has taken me a long time to get back into shape. Heck, not even getting into shape - but just doing anything! I have been completely out of breath and wiped out, so just doing half an hour of treadmill/bike. Night - a work dinner.
Wednesday - gym before work, teaching 1 yoga class.
Thursday - gym before work, work party at night
Friday - gym before work, gig at night
Saturday - Body Vive class at gym, travelling down the coast
Sunday - yay for parties!
Monday - teaching 2 yoga classes after work, will do half hour treadmill/bike in between them

driving back to sydney after spending time with my bella sis down the coast. definitely going to stock up on the 'me' time!

What I have been listening to lately:
I recently discovered Bat for Lashes and *woohoo* I love them. Also - Tunng, need to discover more of their music. An album coming out next year is by The Fashion, and I can't wait for that. Really really digging the album.

music music music... I've been listening - and attending. me and bron at the ARIA's last night

What I have been reading lately:
Frankie magazine, I love it - right from the first issue a couple of years ago, till this very day. One thing I discovered from the new issue is Mixtape Zine - and lots of other blogs too. Thanks PM, I'm in heaven!!

PS - oh daylight savings, how i LOVE you!
PPS - did you know that toothpaste on pimples really works to dry them out?!!
PPPS - why am I still getting pimples at my age?!!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bless the Family Genes

You know, I really only realised this over the last few weeks, but I have my mothers thighs.

In fact, I have a lot of her body.

And perhaps I just noticed this over the last few weeks because as i’m inching closer towards the big 3-0, and haven’t changed eating habits too much, well, things aren’t bouncing back into shape as easily as they once did!

I guess I’ve been pretty lucky – I have never been way outta shape or anything, neither have i been model material. I happily sit in the middle. But now, well, as age catches up with me, I really need to start working on keeping myself fit and healthy.

So gym, welcome back to my life.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daylight savings is soon here!

You can feel it in the air - it's been such a warm/hot and sunny day here in Sydney and despite the moths, i'm loving it right now!

+ warm, sunshiny days
+ noodle markets in sydney with shell
+ artwork hanging in the park, how cool!!
+ getting a headstart on the chrissy shopping - I'm nearly done! Woohoo, no crowds for me this year!
+ finally getting over the 3 week headcold, yowser!
+ the new job is going well, i'm having fun, and work with FAB peeps
+ the first paycheck came through - I paid all my bills and still have some $$ leftover. Now that is what the move was all about!
+ I felt the little bub move through her belly! insane! amazing! woohoo! (how do you describe something like that?!)
+ beautiful time with beautiful sis

- my camera not working so I couldn't get pics of the artworks!!
- being tired (still) from being sick
- the antarctic conditions thanks to air conditioning in the new office
- bogon moths ewwww!
- not updating blog enough!
- not having enough energy to practice yoga more

Speak soon xx