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Friday, May 23, 2008

Good things can come from a GOOD WINTER

(i adore keri smith)

It’s funny – I used to wear glasses years ago and then after a while my eyes were ok without them. But as I’ve been doing more and more computer work, they’re starting to feel a bit tired and sore. And when they’re tired and sore, it’s a pretty good reflection of how my heart and soul are feeling…. 'cause lately, times have been a bit tough.

My work is something I love love love, but I suppose.. like any profession (and any path you take in life) you can be surrounded by those who you don’t love love love. And indeed, those people are the ones who could perhaps do with some lovin’ cause they certainly don’t seem to share much around! ;)

So I’ve been scouring the net for some new tunes to chill me out and I came across the most gorgeous BON IVER. Seriously, how wonderful is this song (The Wolves, Act I & II)? And best yet, it makes my heart not so sore… don’t you love music’s ability to do that?

I hope you are all doing well xx

ps - this also makes my heart ...hmm... perhaps not soar, but definitely SHINE! ;)

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well the move is done, I'm here! I still have a couple of random boxes to unpack (one which contains my laptop!) but mostly I'm settled into my gorgeous new home. I moved a few suburbs out and couldn't be happier.

I am loving living in a house now (as opposed to a studio!) and my flatmate is just fantastic. Oh, and we have a bath! For those of you with baths in your homes, this might not be as exciting as it is for me.. but having lived in little studios where you can barely turn around in your own shower, a bath is certainly a luxurious treat!

I have a persistent cold that I've had for a good 3 weeks now that I know is just a symptom of being run down and in between seasons, so thank goodness I have central heating in the new home to stay rugged up and cosy in : ) And a tough but satisfying decision I've come to is that I've given up permanant teaching on weekends. Covers here and there are fine, but with my M-F day being so hectic, I realised (well, my body did first, then all my friends told me, then I finally listened) that being run down is no way to live. So this weekend is my first of total slobbing about the house, going to bed at 9pm and loving every moment of it!

Art of Yoga is around the corner from my house so I got up to a yoga class today (focussing on Dharana and knees) and it was gorgeous! Beautiful stretch to start the day. And last night I spent a bit of time looking up some recipes to start cooking in my new kitchen as I've become very happily all homely! So these vegan stuffed capsicums and this yummy sounding butternut pumpkin risotto with greens are both on the menu this week.

I have some lovely pics of my backyard (again - see the bath story above. I have, for the first time in a long time, a backyard!) and my new red corduroy skirt to post up soon (what better way to chase away the winter blues than with a splash of red?!)... but first my email needs to deliver them. I think it is also hibernating.

So stay tuned and keep warm and enjoy a cute piece on how to be a woman. It'll bring a smile to your face, I promise.

Till next time,


PS - Perhaps it's because I feel like I'm living in the movie 'Mean Girls' every time I am at work. Perhaps it's because people just aren't as polite as they could be in traffic, at the shops, or on the street. Perhaps it's because I'm a little run down and hence a bit more emotional of late (hehe), but whatever the reason, I really felt the following few words I received in an email from one of my yoga students just really touched me. I hope you enjoy them too:

Watch your thoughts, they become words.>> Watch your words, they become actions.>> Watch your actions, they become habits.>> Watch your habits, they become character.>> Watch your character, for it becomes...your destiny.>>>> 'Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle'. x

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Do we have a choice???

"Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice, you make it now."

This is from the wonderful song, “Falling Slowly” from the Once soundtrack. Do you know it? The one that Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova won a grammy or something for... very technical - a big award tho!

Anyway, as I am sitting on the couch in my pj's with a steaming hot cup of ginger tea next to me, I am making the choice NOT to get sick. My throat is so so sore and I know it's just because I'm run down (moving, busy at work, teaching, studying etc!) but it still sux. Blah.

Anyway, that quote is just perfect for me right now - I've been too busy lately and not taking care of myself so next week it's all about health. I'm doing yoga. I'm eating well. I'm slowing down.


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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Colour Week Mash-Up

You should never be somewhere and just say "Fuck it."
It should be a calculated, scheduled, premeditated choice. (Skinny Bitch)

Lucy at Nourish Me had this fun exercise where you turn to page 123 of your current read (for me, Skinny Bitch), count in 5 sentences, write the next 3. But for me, the next 2 just summed up a lot of where I am right now.. and where would that be? Sitting in the living area of my brand new home! Yes, I finally moved house on Thursday and while I am exhausted and want to cry from tiredness, I am so happy and somewhat all rosy inside.

I am now a Summer Hill resident, the furthest I've lived away from my 'hood since moving to Sydney nearly a decade ago, but it's gorgeous. AND... a lot cheaper.

So while this move is definitely calculated and premeditated, I have to say there's been a bit of universe involvement. I was looking for months, then decided to share house and came across a gorgeous old friend I went to uni with. This couldn't have been easier. The world really listens when you ask. : )

So apart from having a weekend at home unpacking and cleaning and purging (oh, and going to have a massage as I pulled a muscle in my neck lifting boxes, yow!), I have also been very still in myself and really loving life away from the busy-ness of N-Town. I've had numerous cups of tea. I've read and re-read the new issue of Yoga Journal without interuption. I've meditated (!!!). I've gone on a wander around the local streets and discovered the fabulous organic store (aka heaven!) just 2 streets away from 'home'. And I've even cooked.

I did however, miss out on the yoga course this weekend, which I'm pretty upset about. Spending the whole weekend with Simon Borg-Olivier is my idea of heaven - that guy is a modern day guru, or as close to one as I've ever met, seriously! - but I had to get the last few things from my old house, and really needed the time to settle. I've got a band in town this week from the UK so I know I'll have a busy busy one, so home time, when and where I can grab it, is good : )

So I'm very excited and inspired on the home front, obviously, but also on the blog front. Hula Seventy has given us the challenge of a Colour Week and I've been longing for a photo challenge for a while, so here goes. Tomorrow, it's all about green! Oh, and Hula Seventy gave me the inspiration from the official hostess - Curious Bird. Need some ideas? Check out all her links from participants!!

monday: green
tuesday: yellow
wednesday: orange
thursday: pink/red
friday: blue

In other news.. well, there's not heaps of other news. Moving takes up a lot of energy haha! So I'll leave you with that.. oh, and a big welcome back to Kachtus who brightened up my day when I saw her email.

Stay rosy guys xx

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