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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Food & stretchin'

I woke up on the 1st August and realised I had all of these new years resolutions but ahem, hadn't really achieved any of them halfway through the year. So I immediately set upon a detox - body, mind and soul.

I started it off with a complete 2 day juice, vegie and fruit detox, with a bit of fish baked for dinner. Felt AMAZING. For once it was actually pretty easy - and when I started introducing a bit more stuff (all wheat free) it was simple. I felt great, was full all the time and was being really healthy. I suppose the best sign of it all working was when I ate some icecream about 2 weeks into it and YIKES!! Let's put it this way, I had an excruciating headache within half an hour and um, ran to the loo!! Nuts.

So I'm still on a pretty heathy eating plan, and have also been doing heaps of yoga. I went until this past weekend completely alcohol free (woohoo) and noticed improvements on that front too.

While I was in the yoga loving mood, I signed up for the Yoga Aid Challenge - to do 108 sun salutes in the one session (with 300 other yogis!) during October. A normal yoga class has about 5 sun salutes, so this will be interesting!

It's the perfect setting - in the Botanical Gardens overlooking the Opera House, and I am hoping to raise $250 by donations (so far I've got $112) to go to Barnardo's Childrens Charity. Want to donate some money towards the good cause? Then pls click here. Thank you : )

Hope you're all going well and this lovely sunny day has put a spring in your step!

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Friday, August 03, 2007

What's going on?

Movie to see: Shut Up & Sing, this is such a good movie!!! I was never a fan of the Dixie Chicks before... now I admire them SO much!

Thing to do: I'm teaching 3 classes this weekend, and looking forward to practicing as a student tomorrow morning, then running on the treadmill for 20 mins on Sunday.

Thing to eat: Lots of fruit and veg. I've just finished Day 2 of a mini-detox, with the help of the ever inspiring Dr Gillian McKeith. Sticking with it.. that is the trick! I'm definitely eating more than fruit and veg over the weekend (but yikes, I feel SO light and fresh right now) but still keeping wheat, gluten, caffiend and alcohol free.

Book to read: Am halfway through Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping, by Judith Levine. It's very inspiring!!

Task to complete: tax, yep, still gotta get all my tax stuff together. hmmm... procrastinating... procrastinating..

Stuff to cook: One of my 43 Things to do is to choose 5 recipes from the lovely Dreena Burton's Vive Le Vegan cookbook, and actually cook them. I've dog eared a few pages that caught my fancy, so I reckon I'll be doing some shopping for ingredients this weekend. Go and have a look at her site - I dare you to leave it without salivating!!

Cheerio for now, and hope yr all well! x

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Learning to love myself

Today I was told I am a spunky Sister Goddess.

What exactly is this exquisite creature, a Sister Goddess?

She speaks her mind
She is vibrantly alive
She revels in her originality
She knows what she wants

She is a bit naughty
She is often outrageous
She is her own unique brand of Sassy and Sexy
She uses the power of her own pleasure as a way of life

She loves herself as she is now
She finds pleasure in all that she does
She knows that enjoying herself in the presence of others is a great gift
She tends to flirt with everyone - men, women, babies, dogs, and cats included!

She is a sensual being, a sexual being
She takes reverent care of her self
She has extraordinary relationships with the men and women in her life
She has a scorching sex life

She treats herself like the Goddess she is
She chooses to adore body, whatever her size, age or circumstance
She has work that is designed and driven by her juiciest desires

She works less, gets more and has fun doing both!
She uses her community of women to support her dreams
She has taken her rightful place as the owner and operator of her life

She is you...

Thanks K. xxxx

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