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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The happy medium

During uni I always held down 2 or 3 jobs as well as a full-time uni load. I would get good marks, write for the uni paper, go out lots, stay in sometimes, work here and there and over there too... and still juggle all the balls and do it well.

So to get to this age now where I've got one full time job, teach yoga just a couple of times a week, and to find that I can't even excel in these fields or a personal life... it's a struggle. I don't want to just be coasting along - I really want to achieve lots along the way.

But I had a dr appt last week for a few reasons and she bought this up, and said that sometimes it's good to focus on just coasting along... Just coping with coasting along. She told me to take it step by step, and really - step back, be where I am, and worry about other things later.

I find it so frustrating to be tired all the time (some people suffer insomnia with D - me, I'm the complete opposite and could sleep for 23 out of 24 hrs). I find it annoying that I have limited concentration and jump from task to task without really finishing them as well as I could. I mean, I'm doing fine - my work is getting done to a very well standard - it's just not the standard that I know I'm capable of. But I suppose today, right now, it actually is what I'm capable of.

Does this all make sense?

But how good of my doc to point out to ME what I point out to my yoga students all the time - be here, now, fully. Don't worry about the future or what has happened in the past. Just focus on today.

It's too true : )


Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So I’ve hit the 3 month mark… the new job is not so new anymore, and all of a sudden, everything has just clicked. I’ve always loved the job – from the very first day – but it’s just one of those things where it’s become comfy (and that’s a great thing!). Any new company has different ways to do things, so it’s just about having to concentrate! But come 3 months.. I am finding it 2nd nature now. Yippee!

And best yet, things are starting to get shiny all round – the job, the life.. After making the decision to give up teaching a few of my yoga classes, I’ve really started to feel a bit calmer. I’ve booked in to begin an intermediate yoga course as a student (9 weeks) with Synergy starting in June and I’m so excited. I’ve also commenced regular lunchtime classes in Surry Hills, and with pay day coming tomorrow, I am stoked to be able to buy a multi pass to Ashtanga Yoga Space down the road from work. While not my first choice of yoga, I just LOVE the energy and challenge of ashtanga – so stay tuned for lots of updates and inspiration coming from the mat soon.

Tomorrow I’m over the moon to be seeing Belles Will Ring and some other local bands playing at the preview screening of ‘The U.S vs John Lennon’ at the Chauvel, followed by a birthday partay.. so catch you on the weekend : )

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Alert! Alert!

Quick post.. but this evening in the bottle shop, I saw a cute boy.

Now for all of you who have had a partner for the last infinity or so, as opposed to me - the eternal single gal - this won't mean much. But for me, someone inching to 3 decades of a well lived life, well, to see a cute boy, um, man (s'pose I should begin to call them that!) it rocks.

Age plays a factor in less good looking yummo's around. But I got a grin on my face - and i'm leaving it there... don't want to turn this blog into a teens you know..

Great week - loving work, Big Bro friday night live is on TV (this is laugh out loud funny when they stack followed by Pussycat Dolls (meow, bitch fest!) and Sis coming up on weekend. Smiles all round.

K, this good night is for you. All the best for your new life gorgeous, see you soon. Leaving.. on a jet plane....


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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yum for new digs

There's a new cute red & white Pastizzi Cafe that's opened up on King Street, Newtown, that I walk past each day. I've seen the 'coming soon' signs for the past coupla weeks, the outside tile work go up, the doors always locked shut and papered up... but hoorah! Just as I jumped off the bus wondering what I was going to have for dinner (thai or mexican?) - I saw it was open!

Peeked inside and was looking at the menu.. pastas and Pastizzi - for which they're famous for - and the friendly owner came up to me, welcoming me to Pastizzi on their first night of business!

We had a great chat - he is the prior owner of the Maltese Cafe on Crown St (Surry Hills) and these are his new digs. I waited a few minutes because the spinach & ricotta pastizzi's were literally coming out of the over (boy, I could smell them!) so we yacked a bit more... he highly recommends the vegie curry pastizzi as I said I was vego, and then the lovely one gave me 3 (instead of the 2 I asked for) fresh and hot spinach & ricotta pastizzis.. YUM!
He also wouldn't let me leave without taking along a cherry cheese and then an apple pastizzi from the 'sweet' menu... I'm SO going back!!

Hope yr night is just as delicious : )


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My new loves

+ Aesop products. Me = in love.
All natural and good for those with sensitive skin, this shop is gold. And the people that work there are amazing and friendly too – they give you samples, they spend time with you talking about your skin.. I just hate it when hoity toity stores expect you to shell out lots of money for expensive creams and cleansers, but won’t give you samples! So Aesop, it’s my new fave.

+ Glitter eye liner from Kit.
Now, I’m a glitter girl, it’s no surprise. But I wouldn’t have ever bought this stuff if the girl in the shop wasn’t wearing it. She looked so darn cute with the sprinkle of glitter across her lid… and she gave me a make up lesson. Yes, I’m old enough that I should know how to apply makeup, but I’ve more of the minimal (foundation only) type of gal myself.

+ Maroon knee highs from Alannah Hill
Got them today and they actually didn’t break the bank. I’ve a work event next week and was going to wear just plain black stockings with my tailored shorts and heels (yep, I’m pulling out the twice a year heels!) but I couldn’t go past these to add a splash of colour. Can’t wait!

+ Yoga at Ashtanga Yoga Space
LOVING the dynamic classes I’ve begun taking here. It’s extremely challenging – not just the asana, but the heat in the room! It really builds up in there but I adore it. I have been doing some lunchtime classes and they’re a great excuse to get out and move during the work day, but me.. I love dynamic yoga and this, this gives it to me!

+ Weekends
It’s been a long time between breaks, literally, and I’ve been busy sleeping (catching up on it!) and chilling and cleaning and reading and getting some sunshine.. Have taken extra care of myself after a really trying few weeks with depression and came across a doctor that should be banned from working (I thank god I have had D for a while so knew to just ignore this doc’s advice… but feel so much hurt for a first timer who would be confused and hurt by the demeanor shown me).

Seriously, it’s a hard thing to pull together courage for doctors visits when so many of them have been enough to turn me off them for good (I literally walked out of my appt with the doc as we were getting no where, and sobbed in the reception area when paying!) – but out of the black comes a ray of light. I’ve found an amazing doctor’s surgery with caring receptionists (she let me sob and hiccup on the ph) and I still have a glimmer of hope that there are good ones out there.

Hope you’re all smiling : )

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Bronjee

It was a lovely night, a good reason to leave work on time (hehee), and the meal was just stunning. Good friends, good champers and big smiles all round - happy birthday gorgeous Bron!

Much love, happiness & chocolate coated strawberries to you! xoxoxo

Fu Manchu - Victoria Street, Darlinghurst


Low Impact Week

So over at Crunchy Chicken they're talking about a new month (already?!) and come June, it's time for LOW IMPACT WEEK. And me, I'm taking part in it!

I guess it's a good reminder for us to remind ourselves that even when we think we're doing well at things.. that really, we can probably do a little more for our beautiful planet. There is a great post with plenty of ideas about what YOU can do to take part: check it out.

Another thing to give snaps about is the World Environment Day events happening at the glorious Chauvel Cinema in Paddo, for you local kids. On June 4 and 5 there's going to be some fab films (Detour de France, and Crude Awakening) followed by some equally (if not more!) fab discussions and drinkies with local council members and other interesting peeps. Can't wait!

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