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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New pillows are great

I have been pretty resistant to getting new pillows for my bed. The ones I have been using are perfectly suited to me - they've been worn down just the right amount so they're really comfy, and they're just familiar.. and 'comfy'. But over the last little while I've often been waking up with neckaches and sore shoulders and headaches.

At first I thought it was just the stress of work - but then I realised it could well be my comfy pillows, which - really - aren't that comfy anymore. They're really flat and squashy and just not all that supportive. So I unwrapped the new ones my mum had given me a couple of months ago - beautiful, soft but firm, new pillows. And MY GOD i can't believe it's taken me this long to get it happening. They're great!

But a (new) comfy pillow does not a sound sleep ensure! For some reason I just couldn't sleep on Sunday night - until 2.30am. So understandably I was cranky, irritable and tired yesterday, and presumed I would sleep no worries last night. WRONG. I was tired all day but as soon as it was time to go to bed, no joy! So an hour, a magazine and fair few book chapters later, I finally managed to doze off.... and then awaken all morning by some damn bug that was feasting on my neck, my chin, my knee, my shoulder - anywhere and everywhere. Argh!

So again, I'm irritable. Mighty mighty restless. And it's so darn busy at work.
But surely (surely God!!!!) tonight I should find no problems falling asleep.

Pls cross your fingers for me.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Growling Belly

I am so hungry tonight that my belly is growling and I feel sick. Sweet flatmate is cooking up a yummy dinner so I can smell it wafting through the house and I'm crying for it!

Last night I asked sweet flatmate if she could cook for me all the time. She said yes. Haha how I wish that were true! I need to get out of my cooking funk and start trying to be healthy again. At least this week at work I've made my lunch each day (salads mostly, a plain old tuna sandwich today!) - that's a start.

Oh - and it really helps with the budget! My oh my, does it ever! It's good to have something to save for or something to pay off to inspire you to get the budget under control!

My loan (to consolidate debt) got approved this morning - but then she called back and said they'll have to put it through the process again as they didn't take into consideration that I still have a HECS debt (less than a couple grand.. but still need to note). Ugh. So I'll find out tomorrow morning if it's still all good to go - fingers crossed. It would make life so much easier having just one payment instead of all these ones here and there each pay.

Good news though - savings have increased again this pay day. Hoorah!

Off to dinner now, hugs x

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well, fancy that!

So here I am talking about debt, and then today I get my payslip and there is a nice bonus there! We get bonuses when we have chart success (in my job) so hooray for timing!

It's so hard to put every penny of the bonus onto debt, but can you just imagine how good it will feel when there is no more debt and all those bonuses are mine? Soon! SOON!!! : )

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Study and such

At Lululemon last year we all wrote our upcoming resolutions/goals for 2009 on Christmas balls, and hung them from the beautiful tree in the store. I had a couple of fun things spring to mind that touched all areas of my life. Obviously I want to be debt free, I want yoga to play more of a part in my life this year, I want to have lots of savings, I want to have LOVE in my life, I want PEACE in my life, I want to run a 5k.. amongst others secret goals ;)

And then BAM, just this week, it happened.

I got accepted into Baron Baptiste's Teacher Training this February! It's a week long intense intensive - yes, intense intensive! 7 days of early morning starts, study, meditation, asana practice, group discussions, adjustment workshops, more asana and a late night finish - and I tell you what, I can't wait!

So while I was absolutely over the moon that one of my resolutions/goals was coming to fruition, it kind of threw me in a spin. I was planning on travelling overseas this year but now that money will be going to this training instead. And while I'm more than happy for that to happen (as this training has international qualifications), it's completely shaken up my debt payoff plan. As in, completely.

So I just made a phone call to my bank to see if I can re-finance my loan and consolidate all my debt into the one payment. For the last 9 months I've paid all my repayments with them on time and I'm actually quite a few payments ahead of where I need to be right now, so fingers crossed! They said I should hear back this afternoon or possibly tomorrow morning. Pls keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sometimes I feel like a juggler with all these payments coming out left, right and centre - and while I've gotten a good handle on my repayments, adding the yoga study tuition to it has taken my breath away ever so slightly. While it is something I can definitely do and succeed at and pay off within a good time frame, it would be A LOT easier to have all my debt in the one spot.

Fingers crossed : )

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Lady Beatle : )

Was stocking up on some yummy summer fruit & veg early this year and came across a pretty little ladybug, travelling in some grapes.

Too cute : )

Can you see her? On the sign, hiding up the top in the red section!

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Sunday, January 04, 2009


I bought a cute pink Dymo today. I'm off to label things. Lots and lots of things. This dymo will make me organised, I just know it ;)

PS - Amy Seeley - I heart you! Check out this goosebump-worthy new music : )