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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Study and such

At Lululemon last year we all wrote our upcoming resolutions/goals for 2009 on Christmas balls, and hung them from the beautiful tree in the store. I had a couple of fun things spring to mind that touched all areas of my life. Obviously I want to be debt free, I want yoga to play more of a part in my life this year, I want to have lots of savings, I want to have LOVE in my life, I want PEACE in my life, I want to run a 5k.. amongst others secret goals ;)

And then BAM, just this week, it happened.

I got accepted into Baron Baptiste's Teacher Training this February! It's a week long intense intensive - yes, intense intensive! 7 days of early morning starts, study, meditation, asana practice, group discussions, adjustment workshops, more asana and a late night finish - and I tell you what, I can't wait!

So while I was absolutely over the moon that one of my resolutions/goals was coming to fruition, it kind of threw me in a spin. I was planning on travelling overseas this year but now that money will be going to this training instead. And while I'm more than happy for that to happen (as this training has international qualifications), it's completely shaken up my debt payoff plan. As in, completely.

So I just made a phone call to my bank to see if I can re-finance my loan and consolidate all my debt into the one payment. For the last 9 months I've paid all my repayments with them on time and I'm actually quite a few payments ahead of where I need to be right now, so fingers crossed! They said I should hear back this afternoon or possibly tomorrow morning. Pls keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sometimes I feel like a juggler with all these payments coming out left, right and centre - and while I've gotten a good handle on my repayments, adding the yoga study tuition to it has taken my breath away ever so slightly. While it is something I can definitely do and succeed at and pay off within a good time frame, it would be A LOT easier to have all my debt in the one spot.

Fingers crossed : )

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At 7:02 PM, Blogger rand(om) bites said...

Exciting news hon! That's my frustration, wanting to do everything but mulla being the reason I can't. Just put it all out there and it will come, while focusing on what you can do now :-)


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