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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Run Shiny, Run!

I've been in touch with my running coach and am looking forward to start running again in the new year. Greta is so lovely - that even a complete non-runner such as myself feels more than comfortable signing up for sessions with her!

In 2009 I'm looking for a race to sign up for (5k) and I am looking forward to making my appearance at the City to Surf - my first appearance. I mean, as a Sydney-sider, I have to do this, right? (About time, I hear you!)

So the beloved Couch to 5k training program has been pulled out (another link here), and so have the joggers. It has been a pretty intense last couple of months for me... hmmm, yes I'd even say life changing. Health concerns and mental issues are all under control (well at least I can see where I'm heading now) which is really nice. Yes - really nice! Anyone who has read of my battles with depression and such knows that 'nice' is indeed pretty damn fine!

I've been off the alcohol for a couple of months which I'm sure is the biggest factor in all of this, but it's all the 'one percenters as well' - I've had so much acupuncture in the last few months. I've had a stack of neurofeedback. I've had massages and reiki.

And I'm feeling that there is hope. Yeh!

So c25k training starts this week and I'm looking forward to it : )
Anyone else had any joy with that particular program?

x shiny

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At 12:03 PM, Blogger M said...

Wow Shiny, fantastic. I have read so many people having had success with this program. Complete no runners turning into little marathon athletes!! Go you..

I still remember our first dinner meet up before the C2S - must have been 3 years ago, and so many of us pulled out of the walk LOL.. But this year, you will do it *hugs*


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