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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Growling Belly

I am so hungry tonight that my belly is growling and I feel sick. Sweet flatmate is cooking up a yummy dinner so I can smell it wafting through the house and I'm crying for it!

Last night I asked sweet flatmate if she could cook for me all the time. She said yes. Haha how I wish that were true! I need to get out of my cooking funk and start trying to be healthy again. At least this week at work I've made my lunch each day (salads mostly, a plain old tuna sandwich today!) - that's a start.

Oh - and it really helps with the budget! My oh my, does it ever! It's good to have something to save for or something to pay off to inspire you to get the budget under control!

My loan (to consolidate debt) got approved this morning - but then she called back and said they'll have to put it through the process again as they didn't take into consideration that I still have a HECS debt (less than a couple grand.. but still need to note). Ugh. So I'll find out tomorrow morning if it's still all good to go - fingers crossed. It would make life so much easier having just one payment instead of all these ones here and there each pay.

Good news though - savings have increased again this pay day. Hoorah!

Off to dinner now, hugs x

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