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Friday, November 24, 2006


so it's been one crazy ride lately.. work is nuts, home is full on, things are all up and down. but first things first... thanks for the lovely emails and notes everyone :) I have missed my lil' blog, but it's good to be back - all shiny & new in blogger beta! eep!

So last weekend was my birthday - a time to think, re-evaluate, and forward plan. I was kind of just ignoring it - maybe that is something that happens as you get older? Not sure.. but normally I'm all over the moon about it, and this year, I just kind of let it go... I organised a low key lunch, accepted to do 2 yoga classes the morning after my b'day so I would not have a huge night.. and yeh, generally took it easy.

And while I thought I might be a little teary because of the boy factor (girls, we're weird, ugh) but in the end, I actually couldn't have hoped for a better one. I was surrounded by my real friends. It wasn't about going out and getting on with everyone and finding a new best pal, because you were a pissy pants. But i consciously chose to hang out with some great pals.

and that brings a smile to my face :)

Next thing of note is work - and the friends I've made there. I love crossing paths with people that you just gel with, and while the place I work for leaves a LOT to be desired, I couldn't have asked for better workmates.

So cheers to that. Let's eat icecream :)



At 8:03 AM, Blogger lg said...

I'm with you there w, and I think we should eat some icecream tonight!

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Cheers to a good life babe, even with all the ups and downs :-)


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